Help: not enough protein.

Hi friends, 

I'm discovering that while it’s easy to get my fat in and that it’s far too easy to get my net carbs, I seem to be missing the mark when it comes to protein.

Today I ate two chicken legs thinking it would be enough but they weren’t. I’m at my limit for fat and I don’t have other not fatty sources available.

How would you advise me?



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  • johnsoncharlesbb8b3 I can’t say I had this issue when I started. Are you feeling good? Eggs are a good source but if your feeling good, how much more do you need to eat? Maybe your just not hungry? If just starting out on keto, I didn’t micro manage myself to the other macros, but only net carbs. Some days I remember I couldn’t eat all the macros or I had a little to much of proteins or fats. It can be a Little roller coaster starting it. Your metabolism may go back and forth but maybe your body is satisfied just where it is on what your eating. Hunger will guide you. Eventually you won’t fill the macros and will possible eat less Calories in general. If your working out hard then the protein has to stay stable.  I found 4 ounces of protein at times to be way to much for my stomach. Ground beef lean is a good source and add the fats around it? 

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  • Have you tried supplementing with whey protein? I'm a vegetarian and struggle to get my protein in as well so I typically have to supplement with a whey protein shake daily to bump up my protein levels. There are plenty of protein shakes out there that are 1-2g carbs for 20-30g of protein. Fair trade in my book! 

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  • Charles, 

    Managing macros is always a bit of a juggling act. I personally need to plan out my days, or my macros will be all over the place. I personally like the cheat sheet in this post, because it helps me to plan protein into my day. If you scroll down, it breaks down protein per serving of different foods. Even if I don't meal plan, I take a look at what, on average I am going to need to eat to hit my macros. 


    Badmojomn is right that the beginning is a rollercoaster. Many people don't worry about tracking macros in the first few weeks, just making sure to restrict carbs. If you are stil having issues once you have gotten over the initial hurdles, you can supplement your protein with protein powder. Eventually, you'll want to make sure you are getting your protein from natural foods, but don't be scared to play around until you find the balance that is right for you. 

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