Intermittent Fasting

I would like to see an intermittent fasting chart added.  It could be like the current "Sleep" chart along with displaying the fasting time on the "My Day" like the "Keytones" readings do.

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  • Thanks for the feedback! This is on our (albeit long) list of things to do. We do plan to add the ability log and chart intermittent fasting.

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  • This feature is now live - thanks!

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  • Carb Manager would some explain to me what the negative Fasting Time means please? I’m confused...

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  • Sorry for the problem. This has now been fixed.

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  • For some reason it is showing that Monday I fasted for 5.8 hours but slept much longer than that. I double checked the times that the food is recorded at in still can't figure out why it is off. This has happened for a few other days over the past week as well.

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  • Ok - this should really be corrected now!

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  • Thanks Carb Manager it seems to be working well now 🙏

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  • This doesn't appear to be working for me. I logged my last food on Sunday at 10:44 pm. On Monday, my first Calories consumed were at 5:45 PM. There was nothing in between.  My last meal on Monday was at 10:31 PM. Today (Tuesday) I logged my first meal at 12:08 PM.  I preemptively logged dinner at 8:00 PM


    I figure this should show me as at least 19.25 fasting hours for Monday, if it is calculating the fasting hours on that day alone, and 19 if it is calculating from Sunday to Monday. Today (Tuesday), it should show 16 fasting hours if it is counting all of the hours in Tuesday alone, and 13.5 if it is calculating from when I last ate on Monday.


    Instead it is showing me 1.9 hours for Monday and 3.8 for Tuesday.  I am 99% sure I have all my times logged correctly, I checked three times (which isn't that east, since you have to click each food item!).

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  •  Carb Manager  I am having the same problem as well.  I can't seem to figure out how it is calculating my fasting hours because it makes no sense.  I can send screenshots as well but it seems to be similar to what Merendis is experiencing.

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  •  please explain how fasting hours are calculated in the app. Time starting from last meal the day before (typically dinner) to the first meal the next day (typically breakfast)?


    if so all the calculated data are incorrect. Please advice. Quite disappointed after subscribing to the premium account to see such features not working. 

    kristinwebb36e1 also requested for advice. So Carb Manager please respond and fix bug in app if it’s not working right.

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  • I am also having problems with the fasting hours. It appears this has been a known problem for a while. Yet, I don’t see a response from  @CarbManager. Please respond!

    Thank you. 

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  • I also do not understand how the fasting calculations work. If my fasting starts Monday night through mid - Tuesday, where can I see the total hours from the time I stopped eating on Monday until the time I started on Tuesday? 

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  • Also, why do taking supplements seem to impact the fasting hours? If I'm taking my vitamins I wouldn't expect it to be counted as eating and breaking the fast hours. 

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  • Any updates?

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  • Amanda Mayer  hey Amanda I believe taking/eating anything that will stimulate your digestive system to start working technically breaks fasting 

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  • Also unable to understand the hours calculated for fasting.  They don't add up correctly.  Further, we should be able to flag things like coffee, broth, pickle juice as not breaking the fast.  Depending on the type of fasting being done, these may or may not count.

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  • I am totally confused by the fasting feature. I generally do 16/8 but this chart has me all over the place. Ive double checked my meal time entries 🤷🏼♀️

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  • Hey all!

    The chart shows the # of hours in the day when you were fasting, so the time before you start eating in the morning (from 12:00am midnight) and the time after you finish eating in the evening (until 11:59pm).  If you're doing 16:8, you'll want the fasting chart to show close to 16.

    To prevent a food from "breaking" your fast, tap on the time button in the food view, then select "Clear" and log the food. It won't count against your fast.



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  • Carb Manager Carb Manager yayyyyy!! Thanks for the explanation and pointing out the "clear" option. Thats awesome! 👏👏👏

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  • Carb Manager This explanation is so helpful.  I don't know why it didn't sink in on the Fasting window but somehow your explanation made it click! The clear function is awesome!

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  • Carb Manager I can't seem to find where to log fasting.  Was this feature turned off or am I just missing something? Thanks :)

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  • Can you please explain better where to find "Clear" - I am wanting to log my coffee but it shouldn't count during my fast.  Thank you

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  • Another problem with the way hours are calculated is that if you only eat one meal a day, the fasting hours will show 22 hours.  Technically it should show 23. It would be most accurate if it calculated from the end of the last meal the day before to the start of the next meal on the current day.  For example if I were to do a 36 hour fast, followed by a 20 hour fast it would show a 24 hour fast and then a 20 hour fast.  That doesn’t reflect the reality of a 36 hour fast unless you go back into the food journal and look to see when your started eating and finished eating your self.

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