I've been on keto for about a 6 weeks. Just recently started tracking my macros more closely and checking ketones and blood sugar via keto mojo.

I'm new to GKI and wanted to check that this was in the range for weight loss.

Reading just now was:

Ketones: 2.8

Blood glucose: 96 dl

GKI: 1.9


Is that too low?

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  • Actually your ketones are a little high. I've watched some utube videos and read some reports and optimum levels of ketones is .5 to 1.5. Your blood sugar sounds good. Was this before eating in am? After exercise? All these things make a difference.

  • linrenep  this was around 3pm today. I had my first meal at 11 am after 18hr fast. Then had my second meal at 6pm. Going to check levels again at around 8:30pm

  • linrenep  Could you provide a source for the 1.5 level?  In all my research leading up, I’ve only found things suggesting 3 as the optimal number for weight loss and energy in terms of fitness. Anything less than 3 and I feel sluggish when strength training. 1.5 is typically what I saw after I got over the Keto Flu. I’ve read that anything over 4 is too much and is just a waste of ketone production.  

    Also when you google optimal level of ketosis, numerous articles suggest 1.5-3. 


    Im not trying to prove you wrong I’m curious to read your source of information is all. 

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  • andruboine of course. I too am an info addict. I have to try and read everything out there. 2 quick referred both saying same were on utube: ketosis: what is the best ketone range for fat loss by Thomas DeLauer. Not finding the other one but I think it might have been Dr. Berg. However, that being said I am a firm believer in ever body is different and I would go with where yours feels best!

  • Not totally on topic, but we just added a GKI field in the app. It will auto-calculate when you log both glucose and ketones for a meal. 😀

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  • Carb Manager perfect timing. I was just looking for an app to track GKI and now I don't have to look any further. 

  • Carb Manager I  see the GKI number, but it's wrong. I entered glucose 98 and ketones 2.1. Carb Manager entered GKI 15.1 but it should be (98/18)/2.1, shouldn't it?

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  • Roni Kobel Hey, so GKI is calculated with glucose and ketones both in mmol/L. Please check if that's that the density units you're using for both (rather than mg/dL).

  • Roni Kobel  You can go into settings and make sure your density units are set correctly (mmol vs  dl). If you're entering mmol but the app is set to dl the numbers will be off.  I've entered mine and they're correct. Great job Carb Manager. I'm a mobile app developer myself and the app is slick!

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  • Carb Manager nicksterFL My monitor uses mg/dL, and I have the settings in Carb Manager set to mg/dL. So why wouldn’t it use the calculation based on what I have in the settings?

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  • Roni Kobel  not sure. My keto-mojo is using mmol/L for ketones. Once I changed this setting in CarbManager, the calculations were correct. 

  • Hey all - so GKI is a scientific measurement of the molar ratio of glucose to ketones. This allows you to find a standard GKI that can be shared and understood by others. As such, the calculation needs to be based on mmol/L. If you are tracking either in mg/dL, it's not necessary to change, as we'll do the conversion for you behind the scenes.

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  • Carb Manager So I’m confused. I AM tracking my ketones in mg/dL, which I specify in the settings. But it appears that Carb Manager is not doing the conversion behind the scenes. If my glucose is 98 and ketones are 2.1, shouldn’t GKI be 2.6? (98/18)/2.1. but Carb Manager says GKI=15.1.

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  • Roni Kobel Hi Roni, what we do is convert both ketones and glucose to mmol/L first, and then divide glucose / ketones. If your glucose is 98 mg/dL, then it is 5.4 mmol/L (divide by 18). If your ketones are 2.1 mg/dL, then they are 0.36 mmol/L (divide by 5.81). 5.4 / 0.36 = 15, your GKI. 

  • Carb Manager Okay, I guess I was wrong about the units my ketones are measured in. Apparently, it’s measuring in mmol/L already. So my ketones were 2.1 mmol/L. That makes sense then. Thank you so much for your help!

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  • Carb Manager noticed that. Thanks!

  • Carb Manager I can’t find anything to tell me what the carb manager’s GKI results mean. Keto mojo has completely different results.  Mine was 57.1 with y’all and 5.49 according to KM. I know they divide the glucose number by 18 then divide that by the Keto number. And their ranges are like <1, 1-3, 3-6, 6-9, and >9

    so obviously it’s a different method. How do I find out what y’all’s results mean?

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  • Hi, I'm new to Keto and I'm doing fairly well with sticking to my ratios and goals, and am losing weight.  The one area that I am finding difficult to understand is the optimal readings for ketosis. (Maybe it is my brain malfunctioning.) I read in some of the above posts that ketosis is optimal in 0.5-1.5.  So my question is are these ketones only values or is this suppose to be the values of GKI?    What is the GKI range for optimal weight loss?    I thought I was supposed to try and keep my GKI under 3 for best results.  Am I placing the emphasis on the wrong calculations, should I be more concerned with my ketones than my GKI?  

  • Use your GKI to determine where you stand. In general, anything <3 is a high level of ketosis (and low level of glucose), 3-6 means moderate ketosis, and anything >6 is a low level of ketosis. Remember, usually the lower the better.

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