Struggling to keep carb macro down

Hi all. I've just started the keto diet (2nd day) and both days I've gone over my carb allowance. Now, either I'm eating the wrong things and need guidance or my macros are wrong, but I can't see where I've gone wrong. I've added some screenshots of today's intake and as you can see it says I'm well over. How is it possible to eat properly and stay under 15g of carbs? I mean brocoli on its own is 3g!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. 



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  • There are carbs in vegetables and prepared food.  There is a lot to learn about carbs and food which you will find gets easier as the days pass.  

    Your soup is over 1/2 of your carbs for 1 cup of food.  That seems like a lot to me even if it does say Keto in the title. 

    You are probably like all of us that think vegetables in any amount is good.  That is not true (my opinion) as you can see.. 

    Macadamia , almonds and walnuts are better choices for nuts.  I get 1 1/2 oz of walnuts for only 2.8 grams.

     The more you can eat fresh i.e. not prepackaged the better off you will be.  But I know that is not always practical.  

    When I search for KFC chicken grilled it has zero grabs to replace your soup.  You get more food for less carbs :).

    I learned from people on here is to put your food in for a day if possible and then you will see what to cut out.   When I come up with the perfect day I copy it to the next day.  

    Hope this helps , please read the posts on here it helps a lot. 

    Good luck and don't be afraid to ask :) 

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    Make sure recipes for Keto food that you find online is 5 grams of carbs or less (total carbs - fiber carbs = net carbs). If it isn't...go to another recipe. That's a lot of carbs for soup.

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  • I had the same problem.  I started doing IF (16:8) and all that changed. I no longer was able to eat all the food I use to. 

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  • Only been doing this for 10 days, but I strongly agree with debra to log ahead of time, it's the best way to learn what you can and can't have in a day, and also how to make room for something that you'd like to have. I try to log all three meals ahead of time and make adjustments as needed. 

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    •  You bring out great points concerning the type of nuts to eat, pre-populating your foods.  It is recommended to use Macadamia or almonds.  Concerning the breakfast,  here a suggestion.  To get the feel of a lot of nuts try getting the sliced almonds.  .5 oz is 1 carb 80 calories. 
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  • Tallynoles98 I forget about sliced almonds . My evening meal several days a week  is 1 tbsp ranch dressing and 1 oz (or more if I need fat)  walnuts. The other day I discovered a bottle of 1000 Island Walden Farm so I use it sometimes.    Walden Farm does have some sweetener in but it is one of the last ingredients and did not kick  me into cravings :). 

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