What does your daily meal(s) look like

I'd like to see and compare some daily meal plans that we are all doing.  I see some just hitting macros and other looking at calories and others a combination.  What is the best and what will or won't work.  I think the will be interesting.

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  • Todays meals for me:


    Keto shephard's pie

    2 boiled eggs

    1/3c pecans

    1TBS avacado oil

    1 scoop humapro


    keto shepherd's pie

    1 avacado

    2 boiled eggs

    Results:  15g-4% carbs, 115g-69% fat, and 102g-27% protein, 1436 calories.

  • Since I am addicted to sugar my meals are lopsided because they include a

    SW 189 (4/6/10)

    CW 182.5 

    3.3 oz keto cheesecake :)      

     2 egg bites  made my own recipe 

    6 oz chicken thigh coated in .3 oz pork skins

    1 oz blueberries

    5 oz broccoli and tomatoes cooked in 1 tablespoon of butter

    cup of keto whipped cream.

    My calorie count is 1302 (today 1210

    Carbs 17 net (today 17

    Protein 83 g ( today 82.1

    Fat 104 (today 88.4

    Back to the drawing board to get my fat up tomorrow. 

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    Ratios for the day 

    69.9 % Fat

    26.1% Protein

    4.1% Carbs

    1200 calories 

    Breakfast: (doing 16:8 intermittent fasting)


    half n' half


    1.5 cups spring mix

    pickled mushrooms

    pickled roasted red peppers

    stuffed blue cheese big green olives

    2 slices of hard salami

    1 slice of provolone cheese

    1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

    1.5 tbsp of red wine vinegar

    1 cup of Wholly Guacamole (mild)

    1 Babybel cheese


    4 oz of london broil steak

    Great Value frozen vegetable mix 1.5 servings


    Babybel cheese

    Pork rines

    Gluten Free cheesecake brownie (1 small cube) : recipe by: gnomgnom

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  • So far today :


    bullet proof coffee 

    Lunch 3:30pm

    2 Costco egg bites

    2 tbs sour cream

    2 tbs guacamole 


    so far = 4.5 carbs/66.6 fat/21.7 protein and 707 calories 

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  • Breakfast: 

    2 eggs scrambled, hot sauce, 1/2 tbsp butter, coffee, 1/2 truvia sweetener. 


    i had keto crack chicken but edited the ingredients: it’s sour cream, cream cheese, cheese, chicken, broccoli, bacon and ranch. 

    (I made it for the entire week for work so it breaks down to 3 carbs per serving) 


    chicken wrapped in bacon (total 5 oz chicken and 3 slices of bacon) 

    2 cups salad 

    1tbsp ranch

    1tbsp oil( trying to get my fats up lol) 



    choc zero with almond (2 carbs) 


    total: 7 carbs

    80g fats

    88 G protein 

    1171 calories 

    I still need to get my fats up!? Some days are good some aren’t. 

    (I tried to upload the picture from the actual CM app but old if they loaded. Sorry still trying to get used to this app! Haha 

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  • Todays meal for me (26hr Fast):


    Olive Garden Salad & Dressing No Croutons

    Gluten-sensitive Selections Herb-grilled Salmon by Olive Garden

    1/2 Cup Brocolli

    2TBS MCT oil

    2 TBS Butter

    1 avocado

    2 Scoops HumaPro Protein powder 

    Results:  15g-4% carbs, 118g-69% fat, and 103g-27% protein, 1350 calories.

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  • My goals are 1,200 calories, under 15 net carbs, 75g protein, 93g fat.

    Yesterday: Lunch 2.5oz chicken breast w/skin. Dinner: 4oz steak topped with 7oz portabella mushrooms and a half tsp each fresh basil, oregano and thyme (grown on my windowsill) sauteed in 2tbsp truffle infused olive oil and 3oz broiled asparagus w/1tsp lime infused olive oil.  Dessert Dark chocolate brownie w/1tbsp coconut cream topping.  1,199 calories, 7g net carbs, 63g protein, 97g fat.

    Today: Lunch huge salad consisting of 3oz spinach, 3oz iceberg-romaine, 2oz tomato, 2oz cucumber, 2.75oz avocado, 1/4oz portabella mushroom, 2tsp whole trilogy health seeds (hemp hearts, flax and chia blend) with 6tbsp homemade dressing (mayo, mct, acv, seasonings).  Dinner 6.5oz mixed light and dark meat chicken with skin.  Dessert Dark chocolate brownie w/1tbsp coconut cream topping.  1,198 calories, 10 net carbs, 62g protein, 96g fat.

    I do OMAD most days but lately I've been having lunch.  I tend to run low on protein, so I'll push it up high once a week or so. I'm off dairy and soy for the month of April so I've had to be inventive getting my fats in.  Really looking forward to having butter again!

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    Breakfast 1.4g 21.5g 22.2g 295 -- more_vert
      Egg Bites With Bacon No Cheese
    2 servings
    1.4g 21.5g 22.2g 295 -- more_vert
    Lunch 6.4g 21.4g 12.1g 269 -- more_vert
      Keto Sausage Balls
    3 ounce
    1.5g 20.9g 10.6g 235 -- more_vert
      Summer Squash
    6 ounce
    4.9g 0.5g 1.5g 34 -- more_vert
    Dinner 5.6g 31.2g 20.2g 384 -- more_vert
      Butter, Salted
    0.5 tablespoon
    -- 5.8g 0.1g 51 -- more_vert
      Keto Whipped Cream -"Sugar Free & Low Carb" - EASY & Versatile Recipe
    2 ounce
    0.2g 2.8g 0.2g 26 -- more_vert
      Fried Chicken Breaded Chicken Portions by Walmart Deli
    4 ounce
    5.3g 22.7g 20.0g 307 -- more_vert
    Snack 1 3.2g 22.7g 2.4g 223 -- more_vert
    ½ ounce
    1.0g 9.2g 2.2g 93 -- more_vert
      Kraft Ranch Dressing
    2 tablespoon
    0.5g 13.4g 0.1g 123 -- more_vert
    ½ ounce
    1.7g -- 0.1g 8 -- more_vert
    Low on protein but hit my fat and carbs Makes for a good day            
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  • I posted to soon tweaked it again, 

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  • Todays meals for me:

    Dinner (OMAD):

    Low carb classic pot roast

    2 boiled eggs (whites only)

    Keto Romano cauliflower mash

    Keto cheesy green beans

    keto loaf bread

    keto ranch dressing


    humapro protein

    Results:  14g-4% carbs, 101g-67% fat, and 99g-29% protein, 1276 calories.

    I think I'm doing something wrong on the Keto OMAD.  I haven't lost any weight in the last 2 weeks.  I've been holding pretty steady at 248lbs.  It seems that I'm getting enough fats, protein, and calories and staying below or at 15 carbs daily.  I feel great but struggling with no results. I might be over evaluating or my body is still trying to adjust, I'll keep at it and see what happens in the next week or so.

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  • Still eating leftovers from the cookout.  Today: Breakfast was a brownie with coconut cream.  I don't normally eat breakfast, but I need the calories and keep running out of day before I get them in so I'm eating dessert first, lol.  Lunch was a hard boiled egg and a couple of tbsp of guacamole.  I think I'm going to get a little tuna and acv+mayo shortly.  Not hungry, don't want it, but dinner's going to leave me short again.  Dinner will be spinach salad, bratwurst, sauerkraut, ham, and mashed caulitatoes.  

    Having trouble getting my calories in lately.  Bad habit, must do better.

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  • Moondrake  Finally a plan that allows dessert first :) 

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