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My work has changed my schedule and I am no longer able to be home by 10am for my 18 hour fasting break. I was thinking to bring a thermos of hot bone broth so I can drink it at 10 to hold me until I can get home at 11. What can I add in it that is drinkable (don't need a spoon) to add fiber as the broth has 2 carbs per cup?

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  • Adding fiber won’t decrease the net carbs of the broth. I wish it did work that way though lol. Fiber is, itself, a carbohydrate that counts towards your total carbs. Fiber is processed differently in our bodies than other carbohydrates though, which is why fiber cancels its impact on total carbs when figuring net carbs. Not all fiber products are made the same & should be looked over. Some fiber products actually add net carbs so be mindful. 

  • Pure psyllium husk has zero net carbs I believe.  You could stir it in or take it in capsules.  I add lemon juice and pink salt to my bone broth to make it more palatable.  I like True Lemon pure powdered lemon juice.

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