Aloha from Hawai’i ! I decided to try out keto to support another family member and I’m already overwhelmed ☺️ Glad I found this community!

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  • Aloha. Don’t be overwhelmed, keep it simple, read, read and read to learn but basically count your carbs, keep them less than 20g, eat only when you are hungry and eat until you feel satisfied and focus on fatty proteins - it can be as simple as that. Head over to self education finds section under Low Carb chat. There is so much free information you will learn as you go along without the need to spend any extra money, keep Keto simple 😀🌸

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  • Joanna, Im new myself and read your comments. Very helpful and informative! 

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  • Hello there Im in Hawaii too, Trying to figure this whole thing out. Best of Luck to both of us.  

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  • Here here 👏👏👏  

    I’ve been living simple Keto 16 months now (with periods of time spent off my plan, time spent making it too complicated and way too time consuming) and still I am learning, within the last 4lbs of goal I love Keto.

    Beware keto recipes, books, products(!) and advice until you have done a bit of research for yourself, to whatever level suits you personally. This website has a wealth of posts to read, links to follow and knowledge to gain but keep in mind you have to eat and learn in a way individual to you. Guidelines are around, I have decided which suit my body, health and mental abilities (or lack of them 😂🤣). 

    I started out out raving about Jimmy Moore but feel I have left him behind (just too much fat in his diet for me to stomach), Dr Berg too - if you can’t manage the daily 7 cups of leafy greens he recommends, he will sell you a pill replacement to cover it (I have learnt some stuff from both of these I must point out to  be totally fair)  and now my go to are: Go Keto with Casey,

    Dr Wong, Dr Steve Phinney, Dr Westman, Dr Berry, Professor Noakes and a good dash of all free on YouTube. It really is a learning curve that can change your life 🌸🌷🌸

  • Joanna sorry Dr Jason Fung (not Dr Wong!) too much caffeine this morning..

  • Joanna hey Joanna, any suggestions on how I can get this going with meager resources? My only caveat is that I don't have access to cook at the moment. Just a frig and microwave. I gave up initially thinking I wouldn't be able to make it work. And hello to you as well! I noticed you have great advice for everyone so tell it to me straight. It's probably going to be difficult to do this until I can cook right. 

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