New to keto: quick question

Hello. Just starting Keto and still navigating the balance between low carb and making sure I hit my fat targets (made more difficult by the fact that I eat a plant-based diet).

If I'm at the end of the day and am at my limit on carbs but under on fat, is it better to go a little over on carbs if i have to to hit my fat target? Or is it better to be as low carb as possible, even if that means some days I don't hit the fat target I've set. 


Thanks in advance

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  • If you have set your own target, is it too low in carbs or too high in fat? If not, perhaps you could make some fat bomb snacks, some of which should fit your plant lifestyle and they are generally very high fat and low carbs.  They would help you meet your fat macros. 

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  • Be as low carb as possible, under if you can, count total not net. Work on adding in more fat, if you can tolerate tablespoons of avocado oil then do it. Bulletproof coffee, up the mct and butter. Fat is the answer!

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  • conniecanderson I set my tracker at 25g net carbs. What do you track for total carbs? This has been the hardest part for me... I’ve gone over every day except one (although I have still lost weight)

  • The biggest thing is keeping the carbs as low as possible to induce and maintain a state of ketosis. Every person is a bit different, some can tolerate more carbs than others some less. As a general average 20 g per day seems to be the best to limit the insulin response.

    Essentially too much insulin in the blood shuts down the production of ketones, once the blood sugar level drops enough insulin production drops off too and then ketosis can begin again.

    When the body has too much glucose in the blood it will produce insulin to help get  it processed. The utilization of fats and ketones  doesn't really get going until the insulin levels drop, and that doesn't go down when there is too much glucose in the blood.

    Every time you eat carbs they get converted into glucose and enter the blood stream, when it hits a certain point the body produces insulin so that the cells can process the glucose in the blood.

    The fewer times you get these insulin responses and the shorter they last the more time the body can focus on processing fat for energy.

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  • Just to keep the keto motivation alive (and for self pride purposes)

    I never realised how big I actually got until a random day where I realised I was buying XL shirts and breathing in on all my photos (didn't really work lol).

    2 holidays 7 months apart, 58 lbs lost since March and moving from embarrassed to proud is just immense.

    So what if I used an online coach, far too many people don’t accept it’s hard and say it’s easy but when you travel for work and just don't have the time to make those mistakes the internet brings... I made loads lol!

    I hit my goal well before flying out and whether people agree with it or not I just had to put it out and there as it worked for me so well and I loved every second.... Well I still do lol.

    XL to a S, 
    36 waist to 30, 
    42 chest to 36/38


    Hope it helps x

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  • Kalpesh Kerrai wow that’s amazing!

  • Sbm7x5 Thank you so much.


    it really was an enjoyable experience and  the adaptive meal plan really helped me continue. Not to mention the results each week lol

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