Newbie struggling to balance everything

HI, I have been trying Keto for nearly 2 weeks. 
I am struggling to balance the fats, carbs, proteins and calories. And not eating my usual fruits and root vegetables.

Also battling to find suitable recipe/daily meal plans.

No pork/bacon

No shellfish

No meat/chicken and cheese combinations. Milk can be replaced with others.

I have posted on some FB groups though not yet received any suggestions.



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  • I'd like to send you a friend request or ask you to send me one so that you can access my recipe list. However, you can't do that from forums. You can do it from groups, if you'd like to go to keto diet, or 100 plus pounds to lose, and look for moondrake and send me a friend request.  I'm not hard to find, lol. Sarah in my friends group keeps kosher, so I'm sure she'd have a lot of recipes to share with you. 

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  • In the meantime, let's try and experiment. I put this in a separate post because in forums CM sometimes blocks web links. Here's a link to my homegrown Thai green curry chicken recipe. I believe it fits your dietary parameters. It's a nutritionally dense meal, it's my go-to when I need some real nutrition. It's macros are very good for keto.

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  • Hi Newbie! My friend Moondrake asked me to hop on and say hi to you. I don’t know if you’re kosher or not but it’s sounds like you might be. At least avoiding traif. If you’d like to talk please send me a friend request if you can from a group. The way that Moondrake described. Or just send one to Moondrake and I know she will find a way to connect us if you’d like. 
    also, Moondrake is an amazing friend and support to have on this path and our newsfeed of friends is really special! You will experience a tremendous amount of support and help every step of the way if you’d like to try. 
    also just so you know on Facebook there is a big group called kosher keto and also kosher keto ladies so if nothing else check them out. 

    I hope to hear from you and wish you the very best of luck. If by chance you are kosher, Shabbat Shalom! I’m generally not on during Shabbat but I will be before and right after.

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  • Hi Sarah, Thanks for replying. 

    I am kosher and very new to keto - still at the struggling phase.
    Thanks for suggesting the 2 FB groups. I joined Kosher Keto ladies and looke d at the Kosher Keto.


    Having a hard time finding/creating suitable meal plans and recipes. Most receipes I see have  treif products in and I find it difficult adapting because of the fat:protein:carb content.


    Shavua tov


  • Moondrake Hi Moondrake, how do I get to the 'Groups'?

  • Moondrake the link is for Carb Manager, not show your Thai green curry chicken recipe

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