Help! I went over!

I had a busy day today and didn’t have control over the menu. I was very hungry for some reason and I think that blinded me. 

I went over on my fats and proteins but kept my carbs under 20g. 

This isn’t the norm for me, I am quite anal about sticking to my macros. Will this kick me out of Ketosis? 

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  • If your carbs are under 20 you should be fine

  • Queen of Sheba if I happened to miscalculate I may have only been over my carbs by 5-6. Am I still ok or should I be prepared to start over? 

  • I shouldn’t think so.  Some people can eat fifty to a hundred carbs and stay in ketosis so it depends on you.  But the carb grams in food are only estimates anyway so going over by so few shouldn’t matter.

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