Measuring Ketones



So, I always used the pee strips to measure Ketone level. When I first started I was pretty dark red all the time almost, going down to bright red. Basically showing 1.5 and greater.

However, this time starting up, Im using fresh sticks, and it has been about 10 days and Im showing no Ketone concentration. Im doing everything exactly the same as before except Im eating less (as im less fat) and I excersize a lot more (Im guessing this would create more ketone concentration)?


Anyone know whats going on? The only carbs I eat come from veggies, there is no way I am not in Ketosis at this point as I also do 14 (no eat) -10 (can eat) hour fasting.

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  • Urine strips measure excess excreted ketones. You are likely now burning them for energy and don’t show excess. If important to you to know you’ll have to get blood or breathe meter.

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