Deleted posts included in Connect feed

*Note on the pics: these are 9 CONSECUTIVE pictures of my feed this morning. I do not want to see deleted posts, and I would LOVE to filter out other people's new friends and recipes!

Why do we need to see every deleted post in the Connect feed? It's clogging up the feed. Every time a friend deletes a post, we see "This post has been deleted." So in addition to having to scroll down past every friend's new friend and every friend's new recipe, we also must scroll past every friend's deleted posts. I feel that I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we would really love cleaner, easier to navigate feeds. Let us filter out new friend announcements and new recipe announcements, and please just don't show us posts that have been deleted. Nobody needs or wants to see them. (Seems like a new third party provider is a really good idea. This is ridiculous.)

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  • I second that! Deleted posts should disappear. As well as having a separate category to filter recipes. 😊

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  • It's not just deleted messages. But why see "so and so" friended "so and so" in the first place in a feed? That stuff should go to a separate feed that an individual can opt to enable or not. Pretty simple from a systems perspective, both of these. While at it, how about the ability to add tags?

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