Tired of moving 474 lbs.

I haven鈥檛 attempted any diets, but all the beer, pizza and chicken wings have taken there toll.  Been trying to do this program, but I鈥檓 having a hard time taking in fats.  I鈥檓 gonna keep pushing.    馃挴

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  • good for you! I think you will have great success at this. Your going to do your body good taking off that weight. If you really like wings, get a deep fryer and peanut oil. Then get the frozen chicken drummies fresh frozen from the grocery store. Fry them up about 13-16 minutes. Be careful putting them down in the oil (very slow about 375*) and do it in a garage or outside! Then melt garlic or plain butter and roll them around in it. I make extra for morning or whenever. I eat cold or reheated in toaster oven. These are so good. I can鈥檛 get enough of them. That will get your fats up. Whole whipping cream, some pecans, or macadamia nuts pack a fat punch. Lots of butter on everything. I bake haddock fish fillets in tin foil and add a ton of real butter and Lemmon juice, blackened seasoning. I鈥檒l actully grab a spoon to cut my fish up and drink up the seasoned Lemmon butter. Your going to have to get creative but it鈥檚 fun! At 475 I鈥檓 really curious and excited to see how it melts off you. Your going to feel so much better by mid summer if you stick to this. Remeber you shouldn鈥檛 be hungry just starting out so just keep close eye mainly on the carbs at first. Your prob going to have a keto flu I鈥檒l assume and may last awhile. If you do, hang in there- it鈥檚 so worth it even though you might have a hangover. You like beer so try to just stay off all alcohol just for at least a few weeks to detox your carbs in your body. Then when you start seeing some results, hunt for the low carb beers if you need to have some on weekends with friends, etc. we are all human, I need my cocktails and miller light once in awhile.  I just try to not over do it then get back to bacon eggs next morning. Try to tell your friends and family to support you by not having much carbs around and purge your kitchen of them if you can. You like pizza so there are fat head pizza dough recipes. I tried them it鈥檚 good. Sometimes I鈥檒l make all the pizza crap in a casserole dish and call it pizza also cuz I get lazy. To get through the keto flu and then start to burn your body fat and fats from your foods will be a super accomplishment for you. Don鈥檛 turn back. We are all here for you and check in with us with your progress. Make sure you take in the water and salts every day. Good luck! you can do this! People you haven鈥檛 seen in awhile will notice possibly before you do. 

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  • To add, I found out dried parsley has 400+ mg of potassium. We need 4500 mg per day. Make sure you get a lot and add to everything. Potassium is a must. The pills are only 99 mg so I鈥檓 tiring of taking handfuls a day. 馃ぎ

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  • Good for you! You don't have to give up the foods you love, just modify them. Pizza instead of a crust use a muffin tin a line with meat of choice. Add some pizza sauce, topping veggies like mushrooms and top with cheese. They're easy to make and satisfys my pizza craving.  Pinterest has some great high fat low carb recipe's. Some great tips for starting out too. I find it hard to keep my fats up too. The bulletproof coffee or tea is a must and yummy. Use real cream and MCT oil or powder. I bought the powder as there's less gastric problems with the powder. Chicken wings are a must. They're my go to when I'm to tired to think about what to eat. I like Spicy so Frank's redhot sauce for me. Stay away from high carb sauces and your gold. 

  • Good luck!

  • Thanks for the great advice and support, I can鈥檛 wait to try those wings.  I look forward to this journey and I wish you all success on yours.

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  • BigEtheGlazier how are you doing? Are you still following low carb or Keto?

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