UK Just starting

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Before I spend money on the premium version can anyone tell me if this app is UK friendly. I'll be doing the LCHF and the introduction has worked my Macros out for me.

Thanks for any help one can offer and the very best of luck to you all.

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  • Hi Davy, I’m in the UK too I find that the app doesn’t recognise many foods regardless of origin & others have complained from US but the more we all enter the better it should get. I use it mainly for the knowledgeable experienced community. I haven’t gone premium. Enjoy reading old posts & enjoy your journey. I am strictly Keto & delighted 😀 

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  • Joanna Thanks Joanna, much appreciated 😉

  • 51d9f50f you’re welcome. I have gone premium now but used it 7 weeks or so without doing so you certainly don’t need to.

  • Joanna hi Joanna. Thanks for your reply to the question. I am in the UK and also wondering if it’s worth the money. May I ask, if it doesn’t recognise foods, how does it work? Isn’t the whole point to be able to identify how each food item counts towards macros? Is this really the best app out there? I hope not! Do you like it? X

  • Charli Rose hello 😀 I haven’t renewed my membership as I found logging and counting macros drove me crazy. I am very near goal and this site has certainly helped me with Education. However, I follow the likes of Go Keto with Casey, Keto Christina and KetoIntheUk Ginger all free on YouTube who are more about listening to your body, tracking 20g or few total carbs and just living life! Less fuss and effort. CM is brilliant for looking at new foods for carb content (if not on packaging) but that is pretty much all I use it for now. Best wishes.

  • Joanna thank you for replying Joanna. There’s some great advice there. I need to listen to my body. I can’t deny anymore that the cream in the coffee is making me stalk/gain. I am training for a marathon, so definitely exercising enough and shouldn’t be seeing any gains 🙈 not having much luck with results. I need to be very strict now. Thanks for your advice x

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