I’ve gained 4 pounds

I’m staying within my macros for the most part. Tend to go over on protein a few grams most days, but nothing major. Calories and fat are pretty close. I’ve been at in since January 7th. My ketone strips show dark purple ( large amount of ketones in urine), I added  some light exercise( 30 minutes , 3.0 on treadmill), and I’ve been slowly gaining weight. I’ve put on 4 pounds since January 7th. What is going on??? I’m not eating processed foods. No bars or shakes, just regular food. No alcohol either.  Any insight? I’m ready to throw in the towel. 

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  • Are you drinking enough water?

  • Skinnier By Summer 

    I could do better, but I’m around 70-120 oz a day

  • Secret Agent Stacy,  TW lost 60 here,  One thing you didn't mention was Carbs. How many C's not net C's are you doing a day. Eating  healthy can cause you to gain, because you are taking in to many carbs, CUT BACK & SEE what happens , especially since you are exercising, we have people not exercising and eating "birthday cake and wedding cake" and still losing 1 or 2 pound a week. The carbs are the problem. I do 80 carbs     a week and thats why I continue to lose. Remember , my goal is to lose, not have a good time losing...  Try it and Good luck.

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  • agentstacy. ss 

    you may be adding muscle mass at the same rate you are losing. How do your clothes fit? 

    I have arthritis, so I game when I exercise due to swollen joints as well. 

    And make sure you are eating enough if you are exercising. Lots of people find they lose better if they add back calories for exercise. 

    Hang in there. If you are consistent, you will lose inches.

  • TW Lost 45 

    wow is losing a punishment for you?

  • Just curious - if you’re gaining weight, could it be that your calories are set too high?  If you go to your settings tab and then to your macros tab, do you have your calories set low for weight loss, or perhaps are they set to maintain weight (no loss or gain)?  You can slide your setting back and forth and see what the results are and select what you like.  When I started back in Oct, I aggressively set my calories down low so I was losing 9 pounds per month.  That got me some results which motivated me.  Down 60 pounds now (with calories set for a weight loss of 2 pounds per month).    Hope this helps, and good luck!

  • Sometimes the scale is a poor metric to judge your progress. When we exercise it causes stress and micro-tears in our muscles which encourage the body to hold onto excess water. A better metric to judge your transformation would be measurements with a tape or progress pictures. Good luck.

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