Keto and pain

I am doing keto to see if some of my pain will go away. It seems to be helping some but it has only been 2 weeks. I am having a hard time eating enough fat. Also  my appetite is minimal and not that it is a bad thing but from what I have understood of how keto works you have to eat the fat to loose the fat. I eat between 9-14 carbs a day and around 1000-1200 calories. My macros are never full... The fat is ALWAYS at least 30-40g shy. I'm looking for some ideas how to squeeze more fat in without eating butter or making the food extra greasy. 

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  • I throw everything in my cupboard or fridge that has higher fat in my leafy green salad: pepperoni, salami, bacon, olives, avocado, various cheeses, cheese crisps, various nuts, even macadamia nuts, salad dressing and another oil. It was difficult for me to get over the "greasiness" of some foods, too, so I eased into adding more oils.  I add high-fat sauces to foods I love. Like gravy thickened with xanthan gum over roast beef or pesto and cheese over chicken or drizzle cheese sauce over veggies. Add deviled eggs as a side dish.

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  • You really need to wait longer to get pain relief. It can take up to 6 weeks to become fat adapted. Then the health benefits can start. Make fat bombs. They're usually made with  coconut oil. They can be sweet or savory. There's tons of recipes. When you go too low on your calories that can cause you to hold onto fat. Try to be at least as close to 1200 as you can. Eat nutrient dense food.  Eat some nuts for fat & calories. 

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