Hi! I'm still pretty new to Keto.  I started the diet on August 1 and have been having a hard timegetting into ketosis even though my net carbs are typically under 20g/day. I've been hitting my macros pretty consistently but feel like I'm not seeing any results. I only weigh myself and check my blood ketones once a week.  I've dropped about 4 pounds total and my ketones are consistently 0.4mg/dL every week.  I also attempted IF this week to see if that would help kick my ketones up but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.  Is there anything you recommend I adjust or change to help kick start my ketosis?  TIA

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  • gretchenhulett that was prob a finger entry typo I’m guessing. 

  • gretchenhulett Keto4Vets

    gretchenhulett gretchenhulett I agree. I have been Keto since over a year now, I never take that stuff. I have my own opinions, but I also did the research. It’s for extra fuel mainly for workouts or higher level of performance if you need a boost or If your ketogenic and have little body fat to fuel yourself. If you take ketones, your body will fuel with those first before using your own body fat. You may feel really good while taking them, but for fat fueling body fat loss, you won’t get much out of taking those on a regular basis. Plus, taking something not truly natural scares the crap out of me. 

  • ldKeto18 do you like macadamia nuts?  Have an ounce of nuts with that coffee😁

  • I was so confused by this, my nieces and friend are on it and have had great progress . Combined they lost over 125 lbs. but then again they are in their late 20’s. I just started day three and lost 3 lbs, I joined this keto manager because I needed recipes and ideas and a graph to figure everything out. It was worth the 40.00...I promised I would go day to day and journal everything that went into my mouth. I love the prem plan package and it was worth the 40 for the hassle of not figuring this out...Good luck to you stay positive!

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