Trouble Entering Ketosis

Hello all! I began a low-carb (not exactly strict Keto) diet on 1/10/23 for weight loss purposes and just out of pure curiosity. Since then, I feel like I never fully entered ketosis nor have I dropped the weight like I did the last time I tried keto. I began using an app around mid-January to track the foods I eat, and my net carb count has consistently been lower than 33 grams per day (it's usually around 20-25 grams per day). I'm pretty active and lift weights 5-6 times per week and usually walk around 3 miles at least 3-4 times per week. 

Starting yesterday, I finally purchased a blood monitor and tested my blood 4 times since last night. My readings, in order, were "Low," 0.1mmol/L, 0.4mmol/L, and 0.3mmol/L. Based on those readings, I don't think I'm in ketosis. 

Since 1/10 I've lost 8 pounds (226.6 pounds down to 218.6 pounds), but I've fluctuated up and down the whole time. Could I be consuming too much protein? Am I not restricting carbs enough? I eat a lot of "low-carb" foods that are high in fiber, but I wonder if they're actually hurting me in the long run. Anyway, just looking for any tips or thoughts on what could be happening, or if my current weight loss is normal, and I should just stay the course. Thanks!

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  • I'm no expert but I always struggled to achieve ketosis initially even with heavily restricted carbs.

    Have you tried fasting to get you kickstarted?

    I did a 60 hour fast and that did the trick for me this time around. You would probably need much less, maybe just 24 hours, as you are already on a low carb diet. I was coming from a high carb diet and straight off an ice-cream and chocolate binge!

  • Net Carbs

    They are not recognized by the FDA.

    Net Carbs is something food manufactures came up with to sell you more of their product.

    0.5 or above mean that you are in ketosis.  Lower mean you are not.

    When too much protein is consumed, it turn it into glycose; which means you are not in ketosis.

    Eating a lot of low carb food add up to consuning too many carbs.

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