Not enough fat

Is it ok to have less fat than in the chart 

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  • I would offer that the answer depends somewhat on why you’re on a keto diet (decrease blood sugars or weight loss), how much stored body fat you have, and how far along your keto journey you are.

    Keto ‘works’ by burning fats instead of carbs.  If you have a lot of stored fat, particularly in the start of your keto journey, it’s less important to precisely hit your fat macro.  When burning fat for fuel, your body will use both stored fat and dietary fats for fuel.  A very simplistic explanation is that if you’re short of dietary fat intake, your body can draw on more stored fat to make up the shortage of energy.  But as you burn off your stored fats, it becomes increasingly important to stay closer to your fat requirements (or you might feel tired and sluggish as your body runs out of energy).  Again, very oversimplified, but that’s what’s happening.

    hope this helps and good luck!

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