18 months on keto

I lost 70 pounds within the first 10 months and have been on the sustainment phase for the last 8 months.

What I've learned: I never understood in almost 40 years of dieting how powerful the blood sugar/insulin connection was. I used to feel like I had low blood sugar in between meals and then felt compelled to snack. But...I never really had low blood sugar it was just "lower" than what I was used to. I used to actually, physically get the shakes!

Now I have reset my blood sugar to a much lower number and I never get that jitterty feeling anymore. I can even fadt with no problem. This is life changing because I don't let blood sugar control my life anymore. You know, it's not even about the weight loss. I feel so much better now and never want to go back to feeling of how I used to. 


Yes the maintenance phase might be the most difficult. I have to weigh in every morning and keep close tabs on my carbohydrates, especially the fat bombs with artificial sweeteners. It's a lifestyle, not a diet.

Keto constipation: it's not really constipation I just don't have bowel movements every day like I used to. My regularity is about every third day and that's hard to adjust to. It makes sense, less crap eaten equals less crap expelled.

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  • Congrats, man.  That is awesome!!  Super inspiring.  I am curious what you are doing for your sustainment phase?  At some point I will come off keto once I get to my goal weight, but will continue low carb and adhering to the lessons learned while on keto.  I am just curious what that looks like for others?

  • I haven't changed a whole lot. I still eat keto but have started eating a few keto deserts into my diet. My wife makes an amazing keto chaffle. I normally eat one meal a day (OMAD) during the week and indulge a little on weekends. 

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