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I have been low carb for years, for health reasons. In recent years I tried upping my fats, animal, 'healthy' fats like coconut oil, olive oil, MCT.. etc 

My healthy was deteriorating (I kept blaming it on carbs sneaking into my diet) so I went all meat, zero carb only to realize the issue was being created by fats.

Immediately after eating fat (pretty much any kind and even a tiny amount) I need to lie down and I fall into a coma like sleep. I feel very lethargic, sometimes for days. My sinuses become clogged, I can't breath properly, I'm congested, nauseas, irritable/anxious, constipated. My vision blurs. I have a fullness and pressure in my head and ears (sinus congestion). For about two years these issues left me unable to function or work. I was soo weak, tired and sick, I was bed ridden.

When I take a few days of eating low fat (basically lean meat and veggies) my sinuses open, the mucous drains.

I have tried digestive enzymes, HCL, ACV..  as I said I have been pretty low carb for about 17 years, but for the first 10, I wasnt keto, or trying to get extra fat in my diet. In the past  7, I  was trying to cut back on the the non paleo carbs, which reduced  a lot of inflammatory issues i was having, and increased fats. 

Fatty plant food like avocados, and not butters have a similar effect, but plain nuts, including fatty macadamia nuts, dont. 

Has anyone had this experience? I've tried sticking to VLC, without the fats, but it doesnt feel sustainable long term. So recently I have been adding some carbs back, which create other issues, inflammation, rashes, cravings, crashes.

Thank you in advance 

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  • Interesting.  I'd love to hear from other long term keto folks.  It sounds like it's messing with your chemistry big time.  Have you thought about switching over to a high protein, low fat, low carb diet?  Are you finding all carbs to give you trouble?  What if you keep non veggie carbs very low and just up green carbs from non sugar veggies like broccoli, squash, etc?  Like if you have chicken breast and steamed broccoli, is it enough to trigger you?  I'm not a doctor, nor a keto veteran, just trying to think of solutions.  

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  • Umm so are you having digestive issues? Perhaps you need to get your gallbladder checked?

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  • rachelalexis237560 

    And your pancreas, liver and thyroid for that matter. Although i cant be sure how this is linked to your sinuses, i highly suspect it is probably one of these issues. Perhaps gallstones, inadequate bile production from the liver or lipase from the pancreas. Without being too personal and you dont have to answer. I suggest you take a look at your stools after eating a fatty meal and notice if they seem to be light or clay colored or float.

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