I was so bad then so good - the same in the end.

I gave into temptation yesterday. I LOVE popcorn and a co worker gave me a small bag. I tried but I gave in. That was the beginning of the problem. A home made sugar cookie appeared on my desk. Being that I has already blown it with the pop corn, I ate the cookie too.. Needless to say I was WAY over on my carbs.

But a bad choice does not last forever. I was more vigilant than ever today (even though the sibling of yesterday's cookie showed up, I showe it our. I really watched today making sure to have bacon and egg for b'fast and a keto muffn for lunch. It was looking good until dinner. DH made a stir fry. All it contained was beef and veggies served over caluiflower rice. The veg pushed me over my carb limit. 

That is so depressng and annoying! Yes I know that they are better carbs than my cookie or pop corn(though they do not taste as good) But I am really ticked that at the end of the day - whether I am eating junk or veg I have been over my carbs for 2 days.

I have asked for a buddy many places and as of yet have not found one so I am determined to go it alone (the other option to not go at all and I am not willing to do that). I just needed a place to vent. thanks for listening.

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  • Just hang in there... temptation is Real!! 

  • 8 weeks in, I have come to the realization that this diet is more of a mind game than it is anything. I love to eat, I mean love it. Probably why I’m as big as I am. However, seeing clothes that havent fit in a long time fit and the scale number going down makes it all worth it. 

    My wife and I splurged one date night and got popcorn, added a few lbs of water weight but was gone in a few days. Sometimes, ya just gotta give it to yourself. 

  • Can I ask what your carb macro is and if you’re tracking net carbs vs total carbs? Usually you can have a fair amount of veggies when counting net carbs. Also, how long have you been doing keto? I usually recommend weighing, measuring and tracking everything and not just guesstimate it. If you consume less than 20 grams of net carbs and eat enough protein and fat the carb cravings should get a lot less. That’s the benefit of the keto diet. Good luck avoiding any more tempting carbs! 

  • AJQ  I am using the diabetic carbs. I am using the website to track the carbs, so I think that it is net carbs - not sure. I have been strictly following Keto for about a month.  I played with it before but got serious on 9/24. I do track everything - to the point of if I can't track it, I won't eat it,  

  • Mommysews You'll know if you're tracking net carbs by looking at your Daily Log screen. The top line should say Net Carbs, under that Total Carbs and then Fiber. Net carbs are total minus fiber as well as subtracting any sugar alcohols if applicable. Diabetic carbs will subtract half of the sugar alcohols. If Net Carbs is not the top line and you don't see NET then you are counting total carbs. Net carbs will allow you lots of veggies, even if you restrict the net carbs to under 20 grams. You select net carbs in settings. Net carbs will not add any calories, just allow more fibrous veggies like salads and green veggies.

  • Don’t feel bad for blowing it. I cheated as well two days ago. We have to get back up and continue on our mission. I’ve promised myself I won’t get in the Halloween candy again. It’s really my daughter’s fault cause she opened the bag! Didn’t touch it yesterday and won’t touch it today. We can do this. 

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