Does low glycemic carb eating cause sensitivity to high glycemic carbs?

I'm now on week 5 of low carb (usually not low enough to go keto I don't think but I've felt transient symptoms of keto flu several times) and I'm wondering if I'm developing a sensitivity to the old bad carbs I used to eat.

Last week I ordered Vietnamese and it came with white rice. I ate the rice and spent most of the rest of the day with stomach ache and intestinal disturbance. Then today at work I had a hot dog with a traditional wheat flour bun on it and had to go to the bathroom with loose stools galore.


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  • Same thing happened to me! Oddly, I can eat potatoes without a problem! The loose stools may be from your body adjusting to a high fat diet if you're eating LCHF. Taking some daily probiotics will fix that.

  •  I'm not familiar with Vietnamese foods. Do they contain wheat gluten? If so, it could be that if you've eliminated other sources of wheat from your diet. Wheat is my migraine trigger and I only figured it out when I went on South Beach Diet several years ago. Now when I slip up and have it, I have more and more symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

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