Net carbs vs carbs

When following a keto diet, should I be tracking real carbs or net carbs?  Ive read conflicting info about this.  Thanks!

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  • For what it's worth, I track both.  I try to keep my total carbs <20-21; however, on those days when I eat a big salad at lunch, as well as saute spinach and mushrooms with eggs in the morning, and yet another vegetable in the evening such as cauliflower or cabbage, the total carbs may be closer to 25+, and yet my net carbs still remain <15.  For me, at least, I find that's a-okay and I continue to lose.  (However, I have only been following keto for two weeks, so it may be easier for me to continue to drop since I'm not a couple of months into my keto journey.)

    I'll be curious to see other responses.  Best of luck to you!

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  • There are conflicting opinions.  I track net carbs because I don't feel I will get enough veggies and fiber otherwise.  I don't feel I get enough veggies on net carbs, truly.  Before this diet I ate 1-2lbs of veggies daily.  Now it's like 6-12oz daily, lol.  Doesn't seem to have affected by health, but I miss heaping piles of broccoli at dinner and snacking on tomatoes and cucumbers.

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