Rough re-start

Hi everyone! I was so happy and successful on Keto 3 years ago and did well maintaining. The last year has been really stressful as a healthcare worker and my losing my dad from Covid. I just lost all discipline and couldn’t keep any focus with my diet. Now, here I am almost back where I started 3 years ago. I have been re-starting for the last 3 weeks but not having the luck I did in the past. The scale is up and down the same 3 lbs. I started exercising at the same time, and that felt great, but there’s no change in inches or clothing fit. What gives?! Just looking for a few small wins to keep going. 

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  • It’s a HUGE victory in that you’ve re-committed yourself to making improvements.  Nothing small about that!

    The rest will happen: just stay the course and keep your carbs way down.  You’ve done this before and nothing has changed.  

    Good luck and keto on!

  • I too have restarted and it was rough for the first couple of weeks, way more than in the past.  One thing I did differently this time is that I do not have a scale and did not want to buy one so I decided to take my measurements.  This keeps me from obsessing over the small weight changes (up and down) as I know my measurements will have a more consistent change as I plan on checking my measurements once a month.  For daily or weekly progress I notice it in how my clothes fit and simple things like, it has been getting easier for me to tie my shoes and put on my socks.  These type of positive changes are what tell me I am on the right path as weight changes so much daily based on so many factors, especially hormones.  

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    • Ask yourself "Whats more important, my right NOT to wear a mask, or the life of a loved one or my neighbor?"
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    Hey funshine, You can do this. You know it works :). Check your macros and make sure they are all where they should be.  Try short fasting. Increase your water intake and double-check to see if you are in ketosis. If you are using the ketosis strips and they say you are; check the expiry date to ensure that they haven't expired, because I recently learned they can become outdated. 8/ You mentioned your exercising as well which is fantastic, but depending on the amount you are exercising you may be gaining some muscle mass. Hang in there, Im 52 and the process is even slower as you get older. One step or pound at a time, it WILL happen :)

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