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Since my local big-chain grocery store began offering delivery services, I've used it.  I love not having to physically shop.  Just now, I was going through my list of "Favorite Items" ... and found myself deleting most everything I used to order regularly (sodas, orange juice, pancake mixes and syrup, cereals, bread, rice ...) - and, miraculously, not being tempted by them at all.  While doing so, I felt so grateful for this site and those who have taken a moment from their lives to answer my questions, offer support,  and just generally encourage with their kind words.   I am kind of new to the site, but in that short time, I have felt welcome and "un-alone" in this huge undertaking to change my life.

So, as cheesy as all that might sound, THANKS! 

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  • I have a 17 year old who can eat anything and a wife that loves to bake. Life’s temptation is everywhere 

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  • Slim Dog   Lol.  I'd have to agree.  I spoke way too soon on my earlier post.   I have come to the conclusion that seeing even the most delicious of foods on the screen does nothing for me now, but a few cheeseburgers in a bag in front of me, and it's a whole different story!  :) 

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