Ready to give up...

I've been following this WOE since Jan 2nd. I lost an initial 3.6 lbs right off (water). Then...nothing has happened. 

I'm constantly hungry. I hit my macros, but not my calories - always over. In theory 70% fat is supposed to make you not hungry, but I'm constantly looking for food. 

My blood pressure did drop in the last 21 days, so that's a nice benefit; however, I'm feeling very frustrated at the lack of weight loss. 

I have not gained, which is nice. 

I don't feel the bloat that I used to experience. 

I have A LOT of weight to lose, being 250 lbs and only 5'6".  I just don't know how to better manage the calories. I used to not overeat at night, now I'm always looking for something to snack on - it's crazy. 

I was hoping keto could help encourage me and build some momentum, but I'm just feeling spent. 

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  • Whatever you do don’t give up! Everything takes time, not everyone is going to lose weight fast it’s all about being consistent. Idk if you do any exercise but if so tht helps push the weight lose. Stay strong! Trust ik the feeling 😁 be blessed

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  • Dont quit! I started jan 1. I havent lost much more than the initial water weight. And I never go over on my carbs. Next I need to increase activity. I do notice that I no longer have cravings or crashes. So until the weight starts peeling off I am counting the small miracles lol

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  • Stay strong. You've got this. Read all you can about keto, so you can best maximize your results. You could read up on the supplements they mention on this app.  I haven't tried them, but others sing the praises. Keep chatting on the forum. We all need to lift each other up ❤️

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  • Hi. I’m new to keto but a life long dieter.  Maybe try some intermittent fasting and only allow yourself 6-8 hours max to eat for a few days and see if that helps get your daily calories down? I know some people don’t believe in the fasting part, but it’s really worked for me in the past, and I plan to incorporate it with going keto as soon as I’m over the initial challenge of just sticking to the macros.  Don’t give up, just keep trying different methods, foods, exercise, etc., until you start seeing progress again.   There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying very hard  but can’t seem to make any progress so I get it. Just hang in there! 

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  • I'm not losing the weight as fast as I would like, but I have read that with keto it is good to take your measurements and not weigh very often except like once a week(not seeing what you want is probably just bringing ya down) I just got a tape to do my measurements and am going to take some progress photos. Also, lots and lots and lots of water!! I'm still trying to figure all this out lol. 

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  • aosage25 The autophagicnomad diet works!

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  • It's not advisable to fast when hungry. Fasting will come naturally after you are fat-adapted. You are not fat-adapted yet.


    You feel hungry and that's OK. That's normal. You are going through carb withdrawal. It takes up to 6weeks of strict keto. 


    I suggest you increase your calories. I increased my calories from 1200 to 1430 and I have started losing weight again. Also, maybe increase your macros to 4-21-75%. This will certainty get you fat-adapted quicker and fill you.


    We want you to succeed. Being hungry is an unnecessary obstacle. If you're hungry, you might binge and sabotage your hard work. Stay on keto or try volumetrics. Just stick to your plan, you can do it!

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