Hello, I have been doing keto on and off for twenty years

Of course back in 2002 it was called DANDR (Atkins without the processed junk the company sells now).  I lost over 110 pounds on a ketogenic diet. I was postmenopausal and also had (and continue to have) candida which means I need even more restrictions on what I can eat without triggering cravings/reactions.  I know, deep down, this is the only way for me to eat. About 5 years ago my life fell apart in a six month period and I totally lost focus. I gained back about half of what I lost and it has taken me until now to get my head back in the game.    I can tell you that ketogenic eating reduces my aches and pains from inflammation, reduces my sinus and allergy issues, and gets rid of my acid reflux. I feel 20 years younger when I stick to a low carb, non-processed diet. Hoping to commit to 30 totally clean days to kick things off. If I can get 30 days down, I know I will have the habit in place to go all the way to the goal. 

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  • Welcome, Jill. You’ve got this. 

  • Wow you are a Keto veteran. Hope you are able to achieve your goals for the health of your body.👍

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