I am new to keto. I started 7 days ago. I have been doing really good with eating and drinking tons of water. My fear is that I am not getting enough potassium (part of this could just be my anxiety). The app says I have been getting around 1800 mg of potassium but how much of this is lost with the amount of water I am drinking? Also, without taking supplements, how do I get enough? I know to much or to little can be dangerous!

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  • Hi you would struggle to take enough tablets to have too much potassium. I currently only take 400mg in supplements (thinking of upping this) but you can have well over 4000 more than safely. 

  • I drink Smart water daily just for a little extra umphh for my electrolytes. 

  • 3000 is recommended for keto especially starting out. I use lite salt or fake salt. Read the label, mine is 100% pure potassium. I take 400 mg supplement on magnesium and use pink salt for my 4000 mg of sodium daily. I measure it and my potassium into a small cup and leave it on my counter. Anytime I'm fixing food I add some til its gone. 

  • Avocados and spinach are both good sources of potassium as well.

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