Going Backwards ....HELP !!

Hi Keto Friends, I need some help in the advice department today!! I've been doing Keto for almost 3 months and completely BLEW IT for 2 days. Guess I didn't handle my life's problems very well. Anyway, I am back on track again ( struggling though); and tested my  blood ketone levels only to find them at 0.3. Not good I know.  How  long will it take me to get back into ketosis and is there a faster way to get there? I felt rotten during my non-keto binge days but even that didn't stop me from blowing it. Why ? How can I prevent this from happening the next time I can't cope ? Anybody that has any advice, ideas, or words of wisdom would be sooooo appreciated right now. Thank you friends; I look forward to hearing from you. 

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  • I don't have any advise but I know it is really hard sometimes to stay on track.  Think about Keto as a journey and you took a short cut  and are now back on the road :).  Good luck and there are a lot of good people on here that can help you. 

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    You can try taking external ketones....check on a keto website where to buy.

    For coping: "YOU" are the priority....your health is the priority....things will always happen in life....don't destroy "YOU" for outside crap!

    You can do this...get back in gear, and move on!

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  • I test my blood daily for ketones & glucose before breakfast or any food.  Probably 20% of my ketone tests are .3 - .4%, low (my target is 8%) but not too negative for me as I still show some weekly weight loss in spite of several days in this range.  Don’t get too concerned with the test numbers, concentrate on your matrix and get your fat calories.  I went off Keto for 2 days at Christmas and my bathroom scale jumped up 5 lbs afterwards!   I’ve been Keto for 17 months and have loss 73 lbs out of my target of 100.  The loss rate has slowed but I’m averaging 1.5 lbs per week since Christmas, a rate I’m happy with.  For me this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change- I’m never going back to high carbs.   Remember not to judge your success by a number on your meter or the readout of your scales but by the looseness of your clothing or the way you feel.  FYI - I just cleaned out my closet and will be unloading 20 pairs of pant & jeans that are 6” too large for me.  My XXL tall shirts are next to go.  Keto works.  

  • You got this!  Keep plugging along-you can do it!!

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