Unhappy lady

I'm 5ft 6" and on Sunday was 16st 3lb

I started Monday and yesterday was 15 11 

But I cheated last night 😫😢.

Can u take in any carbs at all and still loose?

I need help with this..x

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  • https://youtu.be/GH9IZHnyr2I

    not in the short term but start over today. I have so nearly got to goal (about 4lbs left) with lapses that I regret but I am only human. On the whole I have become stronger, lapses fewer, desire to be well gets you through as does wearing clothes you can currently only dream about.  My fattest was 20st 9lbs 5’10” now 12st 6lbs keto works best for me. 

    If you don’t eat it, you won’t crave it. 

    Spend sometime reading, watching YouTube links etc in the section called self education finds, under the heading low carb chat. It’s your only way to succeed, know what you are doing and why. 🤗🌸🌷🌸

  • yes i have over my carbs twice and i have still lost. i just noticed when i did go over my carbs, i felt like crap for a day ir two.

  • Try to keep your carbs low as possible.  Watch out for hidden carbs in your diet.  

  • Mariska thnx x

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