Not losing weight

Hi everyone,

I've been on keto for 20 days.  I weighed 83.1 and now I am 81.9. My weight has stayed stable after the first week. I've not lost inches or cms as well.
I have been doing intermittent fasting as well.
An example of my meal is:
So for breakfast: I've 2 eggs and bacon and bullet proof coffee
Lunch: meatballs with broccoli
Dinner: steak and green beans
Snack: Homemade protein bar made of almond meal, macadamia nuts, dessicated coconut, some chia seeds, coconut oil and some stevia melted chocolate

I go to gym 4-5 times a week. Mainly weight lifting and little bit of cardio. 

I've calculated my macros they are 75% fat, 20% proteins and 5% carbs.

What am I doing wrong?

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  • Tish give it time. Put the scale away. Your 20 days in so im assuming your fat adapted now? Are those homemade meatballs? I would make homemade and freeze the if you can. Then you know what’s in them. Green beans have a bit of carbs if I remember right. Add more fat to your meals, and just give it time. Your weight lifting also so your a women I assume and water weight will fluctuate from day to day. Your also building muscle so it’s showing on your scale possibly. Don’t get discouraged, just keep the macros in check. Weigh in about 3-4 weeks. How do you feel? Pretty good? Then keep going! Weighing in to many times a month can discourage us, the scale is evil. I don’t know what your body structure is, but it will start showing eventually. Just have to be patient and give it time. Unless your BMI is pretty high, it can take a few months to catch up and metabolism wakes up and starts burning the fat. I didn’t see noticeable results until month 3.  

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  • Badmojomn thanks for motivating me lovely :)

    yes I get grass fed minced beef and make meatballs out of them. 

    I went to the doctors today and apparently my cholesterol level is way too high. He advised me to stop Keto unless I want to die from a heart attack. 

    Now I’m confused on what to do. 

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  • Tish cholesterol will moderate once you reach your goal weight.  Doctors are over-sensitive to this.  More importantly, what are your triglycerides doing?  It looks to me like you may be eating to much.  One easy keto rule is to only eat when you are hungry.  Have a breakfast OR a bulletproof coffee, not both.  Eat again if/when you are hungry.  Stop eating your meal once satiated... not necessarily when it is all gone.  Another possibility is that you are eating to much protein.  I'm surprised your macros are that good given the amount of meat you are including at every meal.  Try substituting an avocado for the steak.  

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  • If I eat only when I’m hungry I wouldn’t meet my macros.

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  • Dsterlin97 thank you :)

    I’ve stopped having the bullet proof coffee. I don’t have the report in front of me but I’ll update you about the triglycerides. 

    These days I don’t even feel hungry. I have not seen any progress though.

    as an example what would you recommend me to eat?

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  • Hi Tish. I personally think you should take your doctors advice. Everyone is different and one way of eating may work for one person and not work well for another. I just started this way of eating yesterday and am having a really hard time adjusting to eating much less veggies and fruit and way more fat. I'm going to give it a try for a week or so and see how I feel. Always listen to your intuition and body above all else :) 

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  • Hi Tish :) do you track your ketone levels? I’ve found that when I first started that although I was eating the right amount of fat, I was also eating too much carbs (my body was not in ketosis). My personal trainer suggested this app and using strips to check my ketone levels as it is easy to drop out of ketosis when going over the suggested carb amount. If you have a sensitive body like myself, keeping track of net carbs using an app helps a lot and checking if your ketone levels ensures you are in ketosis and not just storing all the fats.

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  • Tish  how are you doing? Start losing? How is your blood work progressing?  All the best.

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    I never eat all the fat grams. What I don't eat will be made up with fat from my body. It's not how everyone does keto but it worked for me in the past so doing it this time as well.

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  • Tish  wondering how you are doing and how your blood work is now?  

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  • Based on the meals you listed I would say you may have more carbs and protein (which the body can convert to carbs) that your macro percentages indicate.   Broccoli and green beans are not bad keto choices but measuring the serving will surprise you with how quickly the carbs add up.   Nuts of any kind can pile on carbs quickly.  I realized both nuts (including nut flours and no-sugar butters) as well as overconsumption of keto friendly veggies were the reason I was only seeing a .5 on my ketomojo ketone blood minister.  If you are not using the premium version of the app to track your food (you can create recipes to double check macros and serving sizes of keto food you cook- don’t always believe the numbers given online with recipes, ingredients vary in value based on brand) I would suggest it.   Also, you might want to be using pee sticks (if in the first couple of weeks of being in ketosis) or a blood monitor after that (ketomojo is a good choice with affordable strips).   Remember, some people are more carb sensitive than others so the old “20 net carbs” rule may not work.  Some have to stay low on total, not net, carbs.   It you can’t get into and stay in ketosis that may be you.

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  • Dsterlin97 I do feel good some days. Other I feel fatigued and I don’t feel hungry. Again I have not noticed losing any inches. I weighed myself 2 days ago and went down to 79.4kgs. I weighed myself today and I’m back at 81kgs. My triglycerides Level 1.0 mmol/L 

    I have not done any blood test yet.

    I’ve been monitoring what I eat. I dunno what I am doing wrong. Started to feel Keto isn’t for me.

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  • tracylgormanc763 Hey Tracy, I feel ok sometimes fatigued. I haven’t tested my blood again. How are you doing?

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  • Trish   Hi Trish,  I just started yesterday so I feel fine so far - a little tired today is all.  I have a doc appt in a few weeks so am a little nervous about the blood work and also about keto flu.  Good to see your triglycerides are in the normal range!  Just hang in there.  I've heard your body has to "heal" before you start seeing good results.  Good luck and keep me posted!

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  • Try 80 fat, 15 protein, 5 carbs. I do this and lose 1lb a week, but I am 3lbs from goal after 1 year on keto. You may lose faster. I have also briefly done 85 fat, 10 protein and 5 carbs, but stayed at or under 15 carbs. I was slow to lose initially, until I switched my macros like that. I find meeting the protein macro slows me down. 

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  • Victoria Olson interesting.  Congrats on reaching your goal!!  

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  • Tish saw this video and thought of you. I thought it was a great explanation of why cholesterol rises. What I don't know is whether you can test for type A vs. type B LDL. Hope it helps:

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  • It may be your homemade protein bar, I know with me if I add nuts (even though they have a low net carb count)  it will impede my weight loss, or even stop it.  I have to go truly protein (meats) and veggies to drop weight and can add in the good fats like nuts when I am at my maintain phase.  I go to the gym 5 days a week as well and will still not loose if I eat nuts.  Everyone's body processes differently.  Also try to look at results instead of just weight, muscle weighs more than fat so if you are lifting you will be building muscle and still can be losing fat while adding on the scale.

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  • I suggest either breakfast or bulletproof coffee. Not both. That stalled me in the beginning.

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  • You might want to add more cardio.

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  • Reading your post about the foods that you consume, it is quite possible that you are consuming a high amount of protein in relation to your fat levels. Weigh and measure everything. Use all the available resources in carb manager, such as custom recipes to determine if you have more protein than you think in your protein bar.

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