Trouble eating too much protein

I have been doing the Keto diet for just over two weeks and my biggest struggle is staying at my protein level. I’m 5’6” and started at 199 and I’m now down to 193. It says my protein should be at 75grams per day but I’m finding it hard to find good combinations of food throughout the day to not go over that. I think my main problem is breakfast as I don’t ever crave green veggies for that meal. I usually have scrambled eggs with cheese and possibly with bacon or fried eggs with bacon on the side. The combo of the cheese egg and bacon all having protein ends up putting me over for the rest of the day. Lunch I usually have a romaine salad with some sort of meat like turkey or ribeye on it and cheese and avocado and mushrooms. Sometimes I’ll do a low carb wrap (the only low carb made item I use) and do a sandwich type thing. Dinner I always want some sort of protein like chicken or burger or pork chop type item. My snacks are usually celery or cucumbers with some ranch dressing. I have no issue staying within the carb level and usually no problem with fats. Just protein. How many grams over your level does it take to convert into sugar through gluconeogenesis?

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  • I’m the same but I don’t eat breakfast or lunch. I usually just have BPC for breakfast and a protein shake for lunch and a big dinner. No snacking. I guess I’m gonna cut out my protein shake but I look forward to that everyday. I also need to figure out what I’m doing wrong. 

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  • Omit either cheese or bacon. Add some grilled mushrooms to your scrambled egg. I also add some fresh spinach

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  • celop2486 everyone is going to be different on when to much protein happens and it turns to glucose. Best option for you to figure out your body and how it responds, is get a blood meter that reads glucose and ketones. Precision xtra is what I use. Typically I think you would do a series of testing throughout the day, and be mapping out how much proteins, time of day, etc. To me,  that’s a huge undertaking. If you feel like your eating to much protein in the morning and need to spread it out better, scale back on it, then push it to dinner time? I can get by with 1 egg, and really fatty bacon that isn’t cooked super crisp. The fat holds me. Some days I want to scramble 3 eggs and cheese. I want or need more protein some days, and I know when my fatty bacon isn’t eaten enough, I crave more protein the next day. It’s a very strange process. Eating just till satasified is a new thing for me, this is one of the key elements for ketogenic and low carb. Finding the right balance to just  nourish the body takes some time. I feel it’s a learned behavior. Over eating, ( and eating carbage) is why I was almost 200 pounds at 5’6 prior to starting ketogenic. 

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  • jots3e86c 

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  • Lowcarblisa I know it sounds crazy but diced green olives (if you like them?) are good in scrambled eggs and are Keto friendly. I had a friend who ate eggs this way and I always made a funny face, she said don't knock it til you try it.... I tried it and liked it!!

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  • Badmojomn when is the best time to do the urine strips? Before or after meals or just really randomly throughout the day? And how many times in one day? My body craves a lot of protein for some reason. My carb cravings are almost all gone but protein is not. I’ve only lost six pounds in three weeks on Keto. I have drank some vodka with club soda once each weekend since I’ve started and I’m trying to figure out if it’s that or the protein I keep going over on or both lol. I’m going to not drink the liquor for a few weeks and see if that helps but it’s honestly not something I want to give up. Before starting the Keto lifestyle I used to drink about a twelve pack of beer one night each weekend. So I’ve switched to the vodka club soda to get rid of the carbs. I’m going to buy the urine test strips today. And although I’ve only lost six pounds I feel like I’ve lost many inches all over my body but I didn’t measure my body when I started. I’m feeling absolutely amazing so it’s definately helping me. I no longer need sleeping medication and no more heartburn. 

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  • Lowcarblisa I like them on pizza but that’s been about the only thing I’ve had them in but I will give them a try! Thx!

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  • celop2486 Everyone is different. At first I was obsessive over testing all different times of the day. I found after much testing the time before dinner is good for me. Morning is good, first time you pee. I got a blood meter also and now rarely test. Hey, we are human. I need my cocktails with friends. Of coarse cutting back on all alcohol will help. Beer is loaded with carbs so good for you. Problem with drinking alcohol is our inhibitions go down and we crave salty non keto snacks and on top of that alcohol can turn to pure glucose, but for me limiting my hard alcohol was okay.  I have 10 more pounds to take off of fat and scale doesn’t budge.  I went from cocktails every weekend to every other to see what happens. And hey, that scale can lie. I would not weigh in much, your pants and belt will tell you if your doing good. I weigh in once a month now. My pants are still the same but people tell me I’m getting thinner. I’ll keep keto for life that’s for sure. Hang in there and just watch the carbs. If you crave protein , best thing is to make sure it’s quality and make sure it’s spread out on two or three meals evenly. Your prob carrying a large muscle mass, that’s okay. Make sure the fats are high on each meal and you will succeed. Never go back to carbage again like you were or you will gain every pound back and possibly more. Good luck to you. I envy men, they can take it off quicker than women. Our damn hormones. 

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  • I’m finding protein is hard on my stomach. Beef is the most difficult. Over all, the biggest keto adjustment is getting used to nutrient dense food - real food instead of high carb crap.  

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  • Protein is an important building block of life; we need them to provide our bodies with all of the essential amino acids.Make sure your protein sources and natural and whole foods, not processed meats that might contain added sugars and other carbs.When it comes to protein, most people are eating too much of it on their keto diet. So, remember: keep fat intake HIGH, stay within a moderate range for protein 

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  • You need to eat more veggies in place of some proteins - also choose fattiest cuts of meats

    Try skipping morning or early meals - eat later in day - tighter window - less likely to go over.

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  • Hi celop2486 how have you been doing lately with this? Did you find any solutions that work for you?

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