Started of great but hit a plateau

Hi I’m Courtney! I’m new to keto, about 3 weeks in now. In the first two weeks I dropped 12lbs and was doing a happy dance because I’ve never seen something work so fast for me in my life! Unfortunately this week I seem to have hit a plateau😟 been going up and down the same pound all week and still sitting at 12lbs down. Haven’t seen any change in weight for a full week now. Any tips? 

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  • A plateau this early is your body just getting used to this new way of eating. I would stay the course for another week or 2 until your fat addapeted.  if nothing happens then try starting some intermittent fasting that has broke me out of all my plateaus.  The 16-8 fast  good luck and keto on

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  • Wow that’s awesome 12 pounds in such a short time !!!!! Gotta love keto! Well I’m just 5 days in but I would say don’t freak out or stress. Jakapoozas idea sound like it should do the trick. Have you by any chance been feeling full longer? cause I woke up feeling full today and skipped breakfast and didn’t suffer. Good vibes going your way !!! 

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  • OkleyDD yes I’ve been finding I feel much more full and more in control of cravings then before starting keto. It feels like it’s killing my sweet tooth which is excellent. 
    good luck on your keto journey! 

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  • You are doing great! Like others have said just give your body time to adjust and trust in the process. Also check to see if you notice other non scale changes like less bloating, change in measurements, etc. 

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