I have been at this now 4 mos. down 24 lbs. (all but a couple lost in the first mo).  I feel myself slipping.  I don't have a gallbladder so I am not able to tolerate the fat very well.  I am trying but it gives me a terrible upset stomach.  I find myself wanting to cheat more and more everyday.  I am going over my carbs, not by much by a little.  Very frustrated.  I have been tracking my GKI and i am up as much as an 8.  My ketones are down to .8 and my glucose is running from 110 to 120.  I am also a diabetic.  Need words of wisdom.  

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  • I’m not sure this is the ideal diet for someone without a gall bladder. Have you discussed this with your doctor or a nutritionist?  An upset stomach shouldn’t be the norm.

  • You could try Ox Bile with Taurine available are most vitamin stores.  I know! It sounds awful but you take a tablet an hour before you eat, (1hour very important) and it aids in digestion. I also had gb-ectomy and sometimes I don’t digest well.  I found that I couldn’t tolerate more than one  capsule per day not one at every meal or I would get diarrhea every time I had a meal.  Now I only take if I’m having problems. Good luck!

  • Sal. rives 

  • Sal. rives why did it give you diarrhea?  Eating without the ox bile gives me diarrhea.  

  • I don’t have a gallbladder either. In the first week my stomach was all messed up but now it’s adapted.  Hope your does too. 

  • Shaking my pom-pons for you - Spending time on here, looking up new recipes, shopping smart, setting smaller goals, drinking hot tea in the evenings, and taking pictures to make comparisons all help me. I just hit 25 pounds after starting the beginning of June.  Slow and steady.

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