Calories seem very low

I have been doing the keto diet for just two weeks and am beginning to stay within my macro ratios much better these past few days. It’s definitely a learning curve! I have lost 7lbs and feel great, however, I am concerned that my daily calorie amount is very low. 1011 calories. Some days I’m under, which seems very low 800+.  But many days I’m quite a bit over.  How crucial is it to stay within the calorie count recommended? I’m 58yrs old and not grossly overweight. I don’t want to put my body into starvation mode.

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  • How much weight loss are you aiming for per week? I'm 58 too, and set mine for 0.5 and am allowed 1315 cals/day and max. 16 g of carbs. I'm concerned about going into starvation mode too, and completely understand why you to ask. I started logging 11 days ago, and have lost 4.4 lbs, which is more than the 0.5 kg per week I aim for.  

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  • Briped I’ve lost 7lbs since starting so its working, for sure,and I’m never hungry.  I’ll change it to 0.5kg per week & go with that! Thanks for reaching out. Keep up the good work :)

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