Why are blueberries listed as an F? They are considered very keto -friendly everywhere else.

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  • High in carbs.

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  • The fructose in berries is lower than other fruits and some people (me included) enjoy up to 50g of raspberries (my favourite) with a couple of small spoons of double cream 3 or even 4 days a week. Near to goal now so still enjoy them.

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  • I thought the same re blueberries where I've read that berries are the lowest carb fruit. Might be worth reporting?? 

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  • Thank you for your suggestion. I would like to do that. Do you have any idea where or how to report this?

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  • amy83031 there’s an option in the daily food section to report...I reported the one listing for mixed nuts....but not sure right now where exactly I “clicked” LOL if I find it again, will let you know

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  • I think blueberries are good in moderation.  They have natural fruitous which can have a big impact on your glycemic,  or blood sugar levels. This is very important for those with type 2 diabetes and also with how this plan works.  I do think it is very confusing as so many recipes have blueberries. 

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  • It seems that the system ranks solely on carb count not by what is actually keto friendly. Looking at the carb count, sure it's higher in carbs than most other keto foods. But it's still keto friendly in moderation. The thing I can't figure out is why are nut butters rated better than nuts? If I take the nut and grind it into butter, it's the exact same thing.

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