Need some help with accountability and friends with knowledge 🤓

Hi all,

I am on day 2 and new to Keto.  I find I am checking and rechecking everything I pick up.  Not to sure about fully meeting my macros and I really don’t like eggs lol.  I am missing my frothy mocca coffees, but not my chocolate........yet.  I don’t have any support yet but would like someone to have a look at my food diary and see if I am doing the right thing (and totally kick my butt if needed). My start weight is 208.5,  height is 5’3.  Wanting to goal at 165 and then reassess.

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  • Hi, Amy - it’s Amy. Same boat, except I love eggs (good thing!) and am trying to cut dairy (but the cheese!!!).  I too need accountability.

    Happy to check out your food diary, one newbie to another. My struggle is getting enough protein in, and my goal is 70kg (154lb). We can be name buddies if you like! 

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  • Amy_O Amy_O love to be friends 😁

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  • It’s a good practice to check labels on food items it will make you an expert,. On keto you will realize so many foods have hidden sugars and carbs! Starting off stick with Whole Foods such as meats, fish, cheese, nuts, vegetables and healthy oils. The simpler the better, and the less you crave carbs. Also starting off, eat till satiety, if you’re hungry eat more fat. 

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  • Welcome! I’m no expert, but I’m learning every day. I like to watch Thomas DeLauer on YouTube. He covers a lot of topics, is very informative without making  it overly complicated. He has one for beginners, one for women specifically since our needs are different from men’s and so many others. I wish you success and if you want to buddy up just let me know and I’ll send a friend request.

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  • Hi Amy!  I just upgraded the app so I can be more accountable to myself...and I’m happy to be a buddy if you’d like!  I committed to keto last August (2018) after tons of research and exploring other diets like vegan and raw etc...and I’ve had amazing success!  I’ve healed myself from chronic migraines finally (30 years of that sh**), easily dropped the weight I could never seem to lose, and will be 46 this month.  I fell off the wagon about three months ago...sputtering out and caving in to emotional eating during a very unexpected and intensely stressful time.  Needless to say, I’m ready to get back on track!  And the stress isn’t over, so I decided I’d look for some support too...otherwise I’ll just keep sputtering out.  Let me know what you need the most support with!  Dr. Eric Berg has been a key educator for me...look him up on YouTube if you haven’t found him already 😊

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  • Kristie Friars would love to have you as a friend😄

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  • marahs. creations love to be friends😄

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