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Hi. New to this keto thing. So far it's been great. The food has been amazing. I'm still craving carbs every now and then but have found the cheese wisps really helpful, and so delicious as a treat. One question. I know I need to stay under my carb macro. But what if I'm over , or under, on my fats and proteins?Particularly over. Is there a range that is okay, say like 10 over? And of course, I dont do it every day, but some days I go over on fats and proteins by a little bit. Is this bad? 

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  • Protein should be a goal and fat a limit. If you go over or under periodically don’t worry about it. Look at how you are doing on average for the week. You don’t need to stress about it. If you continually go over on the fats I would look at your meals and see where you could make changes to lower that. Ultimately you want your body to use its own fat for energy rather than getting it from the foods you are eating. Please don’t interpret that to mean eliminating fat completely. Good fats help keep you satiated, they feed the brain and do so much more for our bodies. We need good fats, but you don’t have to meet your macro on them. 

  • What we learned in WW was take it week by week--if you go over one day, but under the next, it's no big deal, just do your best to stick to the plan, and track it, so you'll keep yourself honest.  I love nuts, and have to watch myself or I'll sneak more than I'm recording--it helps to pour an ounce in a bowl just to keep track.

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