Fats and protein.

I seem to be having a hard time.  I’m not hitting my fat goal, and going over on protein.  Help! :)

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  • I was doing the same.  I was initially having meat at every meal, but I was always going over my protein.  For breakfast, instead of eggs, bacon, sausages & veg, I'd only have 1 protein rich product.  I might have a caesar salad for lunch- so still put eggs, anchovies, parmesan & bacon in it, but overall the protein count isnt as high as a large piece of meat. I also increased the fat with oily/creamy salad dressings, cream in coffee and butter on veg.  Are you weighing your food?  Another tip which helped me, is to log the food as I'm cooking.  I then know beforehand if I can eat the entire thing, need to add more fat, or eat only half the steak for example. 

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  • This morning is day 5 for me, so I guess I’m just still getting used to what and how I should be planning the day.  I’ve been drinking a protein shake in the morning (3net carbs).  

    Also, I weighed myself Monday morning, and this morning and I’m down 8lbs!!! I think I’m over stressing my macros a little.  :)

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  • I too am confused about the ratios between carbs:fat:protein.  What sort of leeway is there from the designated %'s?  My ratio is 5%:70%:25%.  So if my carbs are lower (3.5%) and my fat is okay, then my protein is higher.  I am on Keto to loose weight.  Is there a range?  Or put differently, which is maximum and which is minimum.  Oh, I am able to keep my calories under the 1200.

  • linbarmax Hi, I think that if you are close enough I wouldn't worry too much.  Some days I do not meet my calories or go over, as long as the pie chart shows I'm close I'm good.  Most days I can be under a tad for my carbs.  My ranges are 7% carbs, 22% Protein, 71% fat, for 1,400 calories a day.  There are people in the Keto world that succeed and not count macros.   For others like me, I want to make sure I'm doing it right.  Do you use the pie chart or the bar graph?

  • I am new at this and have noticed I am going over on protein and on calories, but have net carbs left over.  I just did a careful study of where I am getting high amounts of protein by using the analysis tab. In my case I noticed very quickly that my bulletproof coffee, with 20g of protein in the collagen I add PLUS what the cream has) is the item that is messing my ratios up overall.  I'm sure that is not your specific problem but thought I would mention it as an example of small things throwing the balance out of whack.

  • Tegan I do the same thing.  I am so new and learning the values of everything, that is the only way that I can truly account for my carbs, fat, and proteins without going over.

  • You dont necessarily want to hit your fat "goal" because its not a goal its a limit. Protein is a goal and its ok to go a little bit over but its pretty important to hit.

    Carbs (Most important) = Strict limit

    Calories = Strict limit

    Fat = Limit (The less fat you eat, the more your body will burn from itself, though fat is what makes you feel full)

    Protein = Goal (important not to lose muscle mass)

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  • Shifter,  Thank you .  Your explanation helps me in knowing what to limit and what is a goal..I realize that I have been going over on the fat ratio and perhaps that is what is slowing my weight loss.  

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  • Hi, new here. My problem is going over on fat. 

  • Well, in order to lose fat one need to practice hard. Avoid foodstuff that has a huge amount of starches like potatoes, meat, etc. Even if you take milk or nuts in the breakfast then takes its less quantity.

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