2nd week & gained

Please help, I'm onto my 2nd week and have gained a pound.  I really need to shed this weight.  Saw Keto Drive capsules, will they help with my weight loss?馃

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  • Are you working out and doing Keto?

  • If so, stop weighing and start measuring.

  • Don't go for a pill, there are no magic pills to loose weight! The only way is through a proper diet and exercise.

    For me the better diet is a keto diet. As a side note, taking ketones in the form of a pill does not put you into ketosis. It may make more ketones available to your cells, but it WON'T make your body burn more fat.

    The whole point of getting into ketosis is to get your body to convert your fat into ketones and use that as fuel. Supplementing with external ketones defeats that goal before you even get started.

  • troyacobb Thanks for your input.  I do walking daily and between work and home reach 5,000-6,000 steps a day.  Weekends are always busy with house chores or in the garden.

  • troyacobb My clothes are getting tighter so not measuring at all.

  • Andrew Meyer Thank you

  • It is hard to watch the scale bounce but weight loss is not linear. You may find your weight bounces around a LOT during the month. Focus on your plan and the process, not the scale. The results will come.  I used to weigh daily then stopped because it drove me nuts. A friend advised me to weigh daily and learn to distance myself from what it said -- she wanted me to chart it and look for patterns. Over the course of several months I discovered I tend to stay the same or even gain slightly through the first two weeks of a month. Then I would have a spike up, and then a drop of 3 to 5 pounds. In the final week I might start edging back up. I always had a loss for the month. (I am a slow loser and 3-4 pounds was my monthly average) The point of this is that daily weigh ins will drive you nuts. FInd your pattern, measure, and pick one day per month to be your official weigh in day and try not to agonize over the days in between those official weigh ins. BTW figuring your pattern out will save you from choosing a weigh in day that might be during your high weight point of the month.

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  • ALso, are you drinking sufficient water? It does make a big difference for me!

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  • Jill D thanks so much for your input, really helped me tremendously.  I weigh weekly and yay, am down almost a pound this morning.  Hopefully this is the start of the weight loss.  I was recently on Noom and possibly the body is adapting to a new eating pattern.  

  • Jill D Fortunately I love my water so drink up to 12 glasses a day.

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    I gained eight at first too, as my body adjusted.  I stopped weighing cause it was discouraging and focused on my food instead.  I鈥檓 now down 14 lbs since 7/9/19, so it works.  Hang in there!

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