Fat adaptive?

Fat adaptive?  I no longer show any ketones on keto sticks, have been ketoing since March. How do you know if you are in or out of ketosis if you have a carb load day? I haven't lost any weight since July. Still the same weight. Most days I am compliant. Weekends are not always clean.  I'm afraid of pushing my cholesterol up if I am not in ketosis.  How will I know I am on the right track to release some more weight?

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  • The only way to be certain is to invest in a blood meter.  You’re likely fat adapted but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay in ketosis when you carb up. You’ll be out of ketosis until your body uses up all the stored sugar from the carbs then it reverts back  to burning fat.   So if you’re eating too many carbs and it’s often then  you’re out of ketosis more often than in.  If you want more carbs just do lower carbs, say under 75-100g and forget about ketosis.  Many people are successful with low carb and no need to test for ketones.  Good luck.

  • Urine strips only show ketones your body is depleting. Grab a blood meter :) 

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  • I can feel the difference when I'm in ketosis!  I get really thirsty and just feel different/odd.   Only way to know for sure is buy a blood monitor as someone else said.  There are also breath monitors, but these arent as reliable.

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    Urine strips test for excess ketones your body is dumping and any excess ketones, any at all, indicate ketosis.  Unless medically necessary, blood meters are a bit of overkill for a diet.  Unless medically necessary, I've heard people stop using them after a while.  Especially, once they figure out keeping carbs limited is all that is required.

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