CHAFFLES! Keto Bread Hack! ❤️

O. M. G.  We haz Chaffles! The easiest, fastest and most delicious Keto bread hack I’ve encountered. 

Made it for the past 2 nights in the Dash mini using eggs and some shredded mozerella. Enjoyed a cheeseburger with bun for the first time in a long time.  The integrity of the Chaffles held up to my burger with mustard, mayo and pickles.  Then, I had a dessert chaffle sprinkled with cinnamon, cocoa and covered in sugar free syrup. This literally kept me from falling off the wagon. 👍

Refrigerated leftover Chaffles in a ziplock bag, then placed them back in the Dash to warm them up for brunch today. The Dash heats up and cooks so fast! Crispy goodness that I smothered in homemade bacon & onion cream cheese.  Mmmmmmm #yummy

Y’all  gotta try this. 

- Dash Mini on Amazon:

- YOUTUBE  video that led to my discovery and changed my life for the better:


Bon Appetit! 

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  • Cool! Chaffle recipes and videos are all over Youtube now.  I’ve tried several and, to me,  this is still the best basic recipe. 👍

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  • Can’t wait to give this a try!! 

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  • I've been putting my old Belgian Waffle maker to use since I found out about these.  Sometimes I'll just make a batch for the week.

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  • Stacy   Had a chance to try them yet?! They are seriously a game changer. 


    Karbndall   Is your waffle maker the really deep pockets Belgian type?  Are they too deep to be crispy? 

  • Nita Yes, it's officially labeled a Belgian Waffle maker.  Now, I'm not sure if there are different types or not that might be deeper.   I cook them 5 minutes and they come out more like a slice of bread.  Not crispy.  I may leave one in and see if extra time crisps it up.

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  • Nita Yes!Yes!Yes! I tried CHAFFLES & love them! I haven’t been too adventurous yet, but feel like there is a pizza CHAFFLE in my near future 

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    How did I miss hearing about these? Will definitely try them!

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  • Just ordered one, I cant wait to try it out.

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  • I got the Churwaffle maker but have been making Keto waffles on it, in readying for chaffles! I think I will start this weekend!

  • I had read about chaffels and ordered the Dash. What a game changer! I had pepperoni pizza my first 2 nights. Looking forward to making taco shells with them. So many keto recipes available online for chaffels including desserts.

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  • I recently tried Chaffle's myself.  OMG game changer.  I have celiac and have been gluten free for years and now I use Chaffle's for my bread fixes.  

  • I just ordered the dash mini.  Plan to make and freeze a lot of chaffles.

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