Day 5 of a KETO newbie

Morning all

I’m too impatient and so weigh myself every morning.  Today is the start of day 5 and I’ve lost a lb a day for the last 4 days.

start weight         205lbs

current weight   201lbs

goal weight            140lbs

I am 5ft 2 female in 40s.

i like writing stuff down and reading forums to keep my focus.  So I’ll bore you with my regular updates 😉

I have had a gin and tonic each night ( 3 last night🤪). So I need to reduce alcohol, which I plan to do next week (easing myself into this diet 😉)

lots of people say how full they feel.  I’m not at that stage yet.  I feel hungry each morning and need to focus to make right breakfast choices to set myself up for day.  Late afternoon/evening I also struggle to avoid am trying to plan ahead in knowing what I’m eating for meals.

have a good day


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  • Hello. For me this still can be too much of a head game so I refuse to weigh myself that often. I’m just going with how I feel and so far I feel so much better.  I weigh myself a couple times a month. So far I’m down 19 lbs since October which for some is not a lot, but for me I thinks it’s fantastic. I’m a 52 year old female with hypothyroidism so losing weight has always been a challenge.  Everyone’s journey is unique. I wish you success and remember to also acknowledge the non-scale victories.

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  • Hi KC,

         I'm on day 4, not sure what I've lost so far but my energy level is way up.   I'm an early 40s guy, a cop in Las Vegas, and those things together mean that I've really stressed about being able to drink alcohol.  I tend to go out to strip casinos on my weekends, and drinking is a pretty big cultural feature of both my job and the town itself.  Before I started an actual scheduled keto meal plan, I had drastically lowered my carb intake to get ready, and I started drinking white claw hard seltzer, which actually is really good, only has 2 carbs a can, and gets a nice buzz on.   From what I understand, its a good idea to avoid tonic as a mixer, so I'm gonna try a gin & club this weekend I think.  

    Anyway, just saying hi, and best of luck with it!



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  • Hi KC! 
    I’m on day 5 too and newly onto keto...  seems we have  similar goals! my start weight was 198 and my goal is 140.  I’m 5’1”... :) I’ve also decided that I want to weigh myself every day to see what the data is. I’m such a data nerd!  Lol 😂 I’m not strict keto but more likely dirty keto.   

  • Hallo everyone! I am in week 4 but I still found it difficult to eat with a limited of net carb. Has someone the same problem? 

  • I love G&Ts, but 8 ounces of tonic water has 21g of carbs!  I've been sticking to scotch or bourbon on the rocks (zero carbs), but it's sad--bought over a case of craft beer on a recent trip, right before we started keto and realized how many carbs beer has.  Now it's just sitting there laughing at me...

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  • Sghilliard I know what you mean about the beer laughing at you... I have a half-empty bottle of Jamison’s in the pantry that I leave out so I can see it every time I go in there.  

    If it helps, don’t think of it as laughing... think of it as a reminder - as a challenge - from the old you to the new you: every time you look at it, feel the rededication to do this!

    Good luck and keto on!

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  • Pat F You'll be happy to know the Jameson's is fine, zero carbs (just watch your calorie total).  That helps on the rough days.

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  • Sghilliard  thanks, but no thanks.  I prefer to look at it as a challenge and a reminder.


  • Good luck!  You def. have the enthusiasm that will take you far.  Don't give up and you will achieve your goals.  I also weigh myself everyday but there will be a point that the weight won't come off as fast.   Stay motivated and work towards your goal.  I have been on Keto for exactly 1 year as of March 1st and I haven't looked back.  As of this morning I am down 86 lbs.

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  • Kristie Friars Hi Kristie-I’ve decided not to weigh myself at all. I’m going to gauge success by pant size. That way I’m not super discouraged if the scale doesn’t move. I’m also in my 50s w hypothyroidism.

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