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So when we enter our exercise, the app applies that to our counts ( carbs,fats, proteins etc). So when it makes our numbers really low or even negative is this a good thing?  For example, when I entered today’s workout it lowered my fat total by almost half so now I am no where near my daily number.   This is good since it was achieved thru exercise right? Or should I be trying to eat more fats today lol....I know dumb question but still wondering? 

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  • You can change that in settings 

  • I myself do not eat back my calories 

  • Hey I was wondering the something

     What does it mean?

  • Sorry I thought you meant that it adds to you number after you add your workout . 

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  • I do not eat back my calories as well.  I modified my saved exercises to say 000 calories burned.  Geese if we all ate back our calories what would be the purpose of trying to lose weight, that does not work for not eat back my exercise calories.

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  • I don't eat back my calories either.  I actually turned that feature off in Carb Manager, as I felt it was adjusting too much anyway.  So I don't have it auto-adjust for anything anymore, and just stay under my macros while also still exercising.  I figure there will be some wiggle room with the macros with my workouts, which tend to be very intense. 

    But I figure that out for myself, based on how I feel.  Usually I work out around 6:30 for an hour or two.  After I am done I am so tired I lack an appetite anyway so I tend to go home and quickly go to bed to read, work and/or fall asleep.  :) 

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