Negative net carbs??

I scanned a sugar free candy and it came up negative net that possible??

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  • I've had a few items do similar. If the fiber is greater than the total carbs than it throws a negative number

  • That's impossible though.  It's likely been entered incorrectly.  Even if you ate pure fiber, it would be 1g carbs - 1 g fiber = 0 net carbs.  It should never go negative.

    • abowman70
    • abowman70
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    I bought some dark chocolate from Trader Joe's that had more fiber than total carbs. (It was vile, btw). I checked and rechecked but it was calculating with negative net carbs.

  • Interesting... I still stand by my statement and think that those items are labeled wrong or entered into Carb Manager incorrectly.  In the US, the "total carbohydrate" label includes the fiber.  Fiber is not digestible, so we subtract out the fiber to see how many net carbs will be hitting our system.  

    I read several articles about this because I wanted to sprinkle Metamucil on ice cream and pig out😂..  This doesn't work though.  Adding 1g of fiber to a food has no impact on net carbs because it's really just 1g of indigestible carbs.  It doesn't negate other carbs in the food, it's just able to be ignored. 

    I'm still not 100% on the different carbs that go into the "total carb" label on foods., but this page is helping:

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  • That happened to me as well.  I created a new food, added the info from the label and it calculated it correctly.

  • It's all fun and games until somebody gains weight.

    • jim blake
    • jim_blake
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    theoretically, a food shouldn't have more fiber than carbs, though fiber may show up higher if the food is labeled in a certain way [

  • "Chocolate Chip Cookies" manufactured by "Keto Friendly", bar code 659422211350 has -1 (negative 1) calories plus there's a comment made by "Carb Manager Food Admin" that includes the text "Carb Manager corrected and verified this food in August 2022. "

    Reality check, bar code 659422211350 is manufactured by "Too Good Gourmet" not "Keto Friendly" in addition the cookies having 3 g net carbs not -1.

    With food admins like this it's just easier for me to create a custom food entry with the correct everything and then publish that.

  • Hey Ambie Winner thanks for your post about the cookies. We will change the brand name to Too Good Gourmet. That was our oversight.
    As for net carbs, we have corrected the food to show zero net carbs.  Using the formula, Net Carbs = total carbs minus fiber, sugar alcohols, and allulose, this food's nutrition label would make this food -1. Since it's not possible to have negative net carbs, as JonnyPancake  notes, we made it zero net carbs. Oddly, the package makes a claim that their product is "under 1 gram of net carbs" when their label equates to negative net carbs.


  • Carb Manager While you're at it can you fix 860000223539 too? The erythritol and allulose are printed sideways on the edge of the nutrition facts box.

  • Ambie Winner same with 860000223508 and 860000223553

  • Carb Manager said:
    Net Carbs = total carbs minus fiber,

     Net Carbs is NOT recognised by the FDA. 

    Net Carb is a marketing ploy by food manufacturers to see their product.

    People buy into Net Carbs because they want to eat more items and lack knowledge. 

    Kenny Croxdale

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