Low-carb, not Keto

New to low-carb! I have a few questions for anyone who has time to respond...

  • How many carbs do you eat per day?
  • Do you track net or total carbs?
  • Do you eat all your fat and protein EVERY day? (I'm having a problem with this bc I'm also counting calories so I don't go all the way off the rails.)
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  • I do low carb between 40-50 net carbs and don’t go over my calories. Sometimes I don’t reach my fat and protein and other days I go over. I don’t think it matters much unless you are under and over too much. Also I found exercising helps

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  • LiTo thank you for the response! 

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  • TW here,I personally try to do as  few total carbs as I can, some  days only 10... 

    I eat alot of sugar free Jello (cherry) is my favorite. And it has zero carbs.

    If you are trying Lo Carb and counting calories, God bless you . that's like trying to juggle 

    5 balls in each hand. It can't be done...

    Lastly,,, whatever you do you have to commit and go all in, if not 6 months from now you will be 20 pounds heavier and not have a clue... 

    Good Luck, TW

  • My carb goal is set to 33gram net carbs per day. But I actually ignore this and allow for a range of 40 to 80, reason being, I don't have time cooking keto or super low carb, and I have tons of social and business commitments that involve eating. So I use carb manager to see macros of what I am eating, and adjust accordingly over a span of 2-3 days to a week. If overload on carbs too much, would go super low carb the next couple of days. I also keep macros and total calories in check by controlling portions. 

    I track both net and total carbs every day, but look at it over a span of weeks, because the effects does not kick in every day. Some days I gain weight, only to magically decrease one morning after a wine binge. So weight reflection is probably an accumulation  and metabolization of what you had in the the span of several days. 

    I don't hit macros every day. It would take up all my time if I tried that and I don't want to be too obsessed. So I look at it in a range of days. If something is very low in one week, I would try and make up for it in the next.

    The key for me is not working myself up too much, and adjusting myself over a span of days. I've managed to lose about 4 to 5lbs a month, which was my goal. I plan to do this for 4 to 6 months. I am now in month 3 and really happy with the progress.

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  • I am doing moderate carb and count net carbs around 100 per day. It’s working for me for weight loss. 

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  • 1Fitbabe LiTo LiTo LiTo LiTo 

  • Well !!! Ulfers, it's a mth later, where are you now with your program ????????

  • TW Lost 45 Well!!! I've lost 5.8 lbs. Why do you care and what's with all the punctuation??????? 🙄

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  • ulfers2015  TW Lost 55 here   You were talking like you had it going   I was just wondering  Did she or Did she not   Obviously you are happy losing 5.8 in a mth  Thats good

  • And the Punctuation got your attn

  • TW Lost 45 I am very happy. I only needed to lose 15 lbs so 5.8 lbs in a month is just fine with me. 

  • Don't count calories. Eat until you're full. Go by how you feel. I don't count calories and I've dumped 33 lbs in 7 weeks. I need to lose 100 lbs more.

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  • Biff Tannen Biffy, TW Lost 55 here, Finally someone that does what there body is telling them.  As a fellow Carb-o-holic if you starve your body of carbs the weight will just fall off.

    My favorite salad is Spinach n cole slaw mix n grape tomatoes with a almost zero carb "Oil and Vinegar" dressing I get at Kroger. Try it out it is great roughage

    PS: don't use the cole slaw dressing it is loaded with carbs/sugar.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • TW Lost 45 My current issue is keto insomnia. To solve it I may have to eat some starchy carbs to get my body to produce enough serotonin. I'm also increasing salt and calcium. I've had nightly insomnia for 6 weeks and it's straining my brain. How long did it take you to lose 55?

  • Biff Tannen Biffy, TW Lost 56.2 here, you have totally lost me,  Are you male  or female or trans??? How tall and today what do you weigh? You were talking like you were on top of the world,  Then, starchy carbs n salt,salt,salt wtf. Calcium, you can do all the Calcium you want... but Your body is 50 to 60 % water,,, salt makes you absorb water like a big f,n sponge... Every oz of liquid is retained and the ones from 3 days prior are all saved up waiting for Sodium to say, here you are D A ...

    Crack kills, 

    TW Lost 56.2

  • Biff Tannen April 1st I was 278, June 4th I was 264,this morning I am 220.2   

    On April 1st I had to lay back on my bed to zip and button my size 48 pants.

    I didn't have a belt with any holes to hold up my new size 40 pants,,, so I went to Wallymart to get a cheap belt, I asked the clerk where the men's belts were and she pointed over there behind me and when I turned to look, my new pants fell down around my ankles.

    All I could say was now you know why I need a belt... LOL !

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  • Well are we in a race to lose the weight I’m eating healthy and exercising and it took me one year to lose 40 pounds and I feel great   Are y’all  exercising??

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  • ulfers2015 - yes, I am doing about 40-50 carbs/day and counting calories. Watching carbs has made me less likely to hold onto tons of water-weight and feel logy (and possibly ketosis, but I haven't measured that) besides I'm at an age where it's much less likely to lose weight. High fat satiates me faster (always has-carbs just make me want more and sooner). I don't usually (practically never-and my first word to spell was "donut") even feel like eating more. When I get to goal, I don't know how I'll ever eat enough to maintain. And I've lost 43# so far. No, I don't lose weight now near as fast as when I was young, but it'll be easier to maintain because of that and fewer stretch marks. 

    Activity is important no matter what and my younger grandchildren make sure of that (older ones are teens so don't want to have much to do with Grandma). Other than that, rain/cold right now and my arthritis keeps me from walking. I got a swimsuit, but haven't gotten myself to go swimming although that won't hurt my joints.

    I do both counting calories and counting carbs 'cause I need all the help I can get!

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  • Rene snodey I feel like you. I'm not in a race. I consider this a life change. I lost 19.5 in 2 months. I don't exercise yet. Eventually I will. I'm 208 pounds. I feel like I will probably want to and feel like it more mentally when I'm under 200 and it's warmer out. 

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  • TW Lost 45 I do very low carb and count calories and find it quite easy actually. Been doing it successfully for the past eight months and have lost over 42 pounds. I do weigh and measure my food when dining at home, but also have mastered dining out as well. I know some people are adverse to counting, weighing and measuring as well as tracking but I’ve found it’s the surest and fastest way to weight loss. I’m less than 5 lbs from my goal weight. I look forward to doing the same thing to maintain my weight. 

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  • I personally find this strategy works best for me: stay as close to carbs as possible (I count net carbs), stay at or under your calorie limit, get all or almost all of your protein and only eat as much fat as you need to stay satisfied. If you’re trying to lose weight you don’t have to eat all of your fat macro, but you should eat enough to keep hunger and cravings at bay. You’ll have to play around to figure out what that is. I find it can change daily. Protein is very important, so don’t skimp there. Right now I still eat very low carbs because I’m transitioning from keto, but my final number will depend on how much I can add back in without triggering symptoms such as hunger and cravings. Everyone is different and you’ll have to experiment. I expect to always be somewhere between 50-75 net carbs, even in maintenance, but I won’t know for sure until I try it out. I am less than 5 lbs from my goal weight. 

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  • Day 2 for me and so far so good. I am staying under 30 carbs and my calorie allotment say 1600 but I haven't come close to that many yet.  This is my second go around, last time I did strict keto n it just made me feel to sick. Going to do it this time!

  • I started Monday Jan 13. My goal is 138 net carbs. While I’d like to lose weight, I also want to create lifetime habits. The first week I lost .5 pounds. No exercise and I had birthday cake at my birthday party. My goals are to spend those net carbs on healthy foods and not unhealthy foods. And if I eat less, then that’s great too. Yesterday I ate 103. As long as I am not hungry, then I am fine going lower, but for now, I am still learning what to eat and I love fruits and veggies, so I want to implement a plan that works for my lifestyle.  

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