Pinterest is a liar!

I left an early morning meeting yesterday and swung by Starbucks.  I looked up Keto Starbucks drinks, and opted for a Breve.  When I got back to the office an loaded it in Carb Manager - 16 grams!!  What??  That's not keto friendly!  I love some of the keto recipes I've found on Pinterest, but you really can't trust them all!

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  • Unless it's sugar free, I don't imagine any of Starbucks fancy named beverages are keto friendly.  Even sugar free may bring in a bunch of carbs from milk sugar.  I normally pick up a tea at the airport Starbucks when travelling, but skipped it this trip because half and half would eat up too many of my carbs, which I try to reserve for veggies.

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  • I didn't get any added sugar, no flavors or anything.  A breve is just a latte that uses half and half instead of milk.  So lower sugars, but I was blown away by how much sugar just from the half and half. 

    Lesson learned.

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    • Keelo
    • Just taking it one day at a time...
    • Keelo
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    I bring my own whipping cream to add when I get a starbucks lol but recently have really tried to be mindful, and started prepping coffee at home. :)

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  • Keelo Starbucks has Heavy Whipping Cream, you just have to ask for it.

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  • Felice Fish Raucci Do they charge extra?  I get regular hot tea at Starbucks, not the fancy drinks, even before I started keto.  If I can get a couple tbsps HWC for tea as a regular condiment without a big upcharge I'll go back to getting teas there.

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  • Moondrake Nope, I go to 3 different Starbucks (not TOO often) but none have charged me any extra for the HWC.

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  • I have also noticed that in the starbucks app. Changing the ingrediants wont change the nutritional facts. Hopefully thats it bc i order breve cappucinos all the time!

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  • i’ve been getting iced coffee with hwc sugar free vanilla and sugar free cinnamon dolce! so good!!

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  • rachelalexis237560 maybe that's it.  I hope so.  It sure was tasty!

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  • hollyhersey36d6 thanks for the info.  This is something I would have considered ordering. 

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  • Sometimes the app can be wrong. I’ve had to update public entries because they reflect incorrect info. 

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  • sweetcaroline I get this too..Its awesome!

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  • Ouch...that's a bummer....

    ..l do pour over coffee 2 pumps sugar free syrup large heavy cream.   Tho l now travel with cream and infused oil in a ziploc bag in my purse.  I dont care what people think.  I'm sticking  to the plan 😂

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