Keto flu

Is it possible to be in keto flu in second week of keto? I use bone broth , MCT oil and Collagen. I thought I just had a virus but a co worker said could be keto flu.

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  • My understanding is keto flu should not last more than a week to ten days. I would go to the Dr. to be sure especially if you are meeting your Macros, getting enough rest and do not believe you are dehydrated.

  • I also added a daily dose of potassium- magnesium and electrolytes 

    I like Mio Sport 

  • Got bumped out of ketosis a couple weeks back. Took a week to get back into ketosis. For the last week I have been really dizzy, so much so that I went to the Doctor. I was also panicking, because it felt exactly how I felt when I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. My electrolytes are within range and all my other markers look good.  Hopefully, you feel better soon!

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  • If I recall correctly I did not have the flu until the second week.  Add salt to everything :)

  • I had Keto flu for about a month...I was a carb hound so it took longer for me to become fat adapted 

  • Yes definitely. I would recommend a good keto flu electrolyte tonic. Apple cider vinegar, salt, lemon juice, cream of tartar, magnesium citrate. Get a sugar free electrolyte powder and add a scoop. Eat avocado and add salt to them and eat spinach. Spinach is high in potassium and magnesium.

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