Starting Keto diet again... but this time for real!

Hi all I'm Agatha, I've been trying Keto more than 15 times since January 2019, lost weight at the beginning, but then gained it back every time: every stressful situation at work triggered cravings and need for carbs... now I managed my stress, and signing up to this forum and sharing with you my progress will help me tremendously reach back my pre-pregnancy weight before Christmas! I'm starting tomorrow, Nov 6 :) I can do it, and it's thanks to you and your motivating posts! Thank you & stay tuned. Agatha.

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  • One day at a time :) Stress eat keto  foods

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  • Emotional eating can happen regardless of your way of eating.  Finding another outlet  for your stress such as exercise, journaling,  relaxation techniques.  If you will stay with keto and get fully adapted and stay there several weeks you’ll find yourself not craving carby  sweet foods.   Good luck!

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